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  • ivbkgb ivbkgb Jun 21, 2007 8:44 AM Flag

    Airtrax signs 10 yr sales deal with

    An Irish Power Trowel Manufacturer. Lots of synergy in this deal. Next they will probably sign a sales and distribution deal with a coat hanger manufactuer in China.LOL

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    • i think he his saying the deal is not to be taken seriously since they have announced many distributor deals and none have resulted in a sale it would seem.

      if you can not sell in the US, you go overseas? i am not impressed either. without a US deal to an end user of some importance, it is hard to see a future in aitx.

    • And your point is? I have never read a sillier comment. Trowels, coat hangers, whatever - you're a snob. Business is business regardless of what's being sold. If ignorance is bliss then you're probably one of the happiest guys in the world.

      Trust me when I say that I am going to enjoy seeing you cover your short positions. There's probably a $3 buck a share bounce in that alone.

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      • The truth hurts doesn't it. If this product was viable it would have taken off by now. No monies except the poor bag holding shareholders who don't have much left except a couple of quarters per share.
        Can you say NACCO! They are the true leader in this industry. Good Luck as it's a great time to buy AITX.OB cheap before they fold or reverse split. Lotsa salaries to pay with no income can only go on for so long.