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  • netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Sep 25, 2007 10:55 AM Flag

    last q they lost 750k

    so they are losing about 3 million a year. they would need orders for 300 or so units a year to turn that to a profit, and even then it would take 2 - 3 years to build out the infrastructure to manufacture at that rate. they will likely need to float another 20 million shares

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    • Dumb ass

      I TOLD YOU SO!

    • me a favor - go outside where you live, look left then right, then look in front of you and just to be sure look behind you...I will wait for you to come back.........ok good - now that your tell me please - is the world FLAT?

    • Notice that none of the AITX Cheerleaders are aguing against your call

    • my price prediction of 25 cents was exceeded. i am revising it to 11 cents this year.

      to restate my prediction. a sad mess indeed. next week under 20 cents. here comes the financing.

    • You know what picks?

      I love how these high school dropouts try to say that if the product was good then it would be have been successful in the U.S. I say that's horsesh*t. America is not even investing in infrastructure. Market is a waning market for construction infrastructure. That is why the company tried to get into Germany...they wanted access to the Eastern Europe market and the Mid East market. I think they should be in South America as well b/c they are buying up everything to build out their infrastructure.

      Arguing with these people is like getting into a knife fight with a guy who has a dull knife. It�s not lets just state the facts

    • Ahh I was wondering a few days back where they were on that JADI relationship....thank you for reminding me. I must ask them about this too.

      SIDEWINDER(TM) Truck, with virtually no maintenance required on these

      vehicles during this time, validates Airtrax' nearly maintenance-free

      design and significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

      Acquisition costs represent only 20% of the Total Cost of Ownership,

      with maintenance costs accounting for 80% of TCO.

      -- Selection of Airtrax by JADI, an advanced technology company serving

      the R&D needs of the U.S. Army, as its strategic partner to develop

      omni-directional robotic vehicles for the U.S. Department of Defense.

      -- The signing of a letter of intent with a reseller to service Central

      and South America.

    • Smartjuan,

      I missed you so much. You are my hero.

      I've had conversations with management and everything is running according to plan. Don't be surprised if you here about the JADI venture, announced Last April, soon.

      How high did you buy this company. Where you one of the people who bought when it peak in 2001? I bet you are...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...LMMFAO!

    • And now you live where?

      Your stockbroker has made you broker!

    • Whoever wrote this

      Hedge funds when they start to accumulate stock bring down the price first.

      They do hire board bashers too.


      But anyone BUYING this crap is INSANE!

    • Hedge funds when they start to accumulate stock bring down the price first.
      They do hire board bashers too.

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