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  • pmomplaisir1 pmomplaisir1 Oct 5, 2007 10:00 PM Flag

    Complete e-mail from Fenelli

    Dear Patrick,

    As you know from prior announcements JADI was originally contracted by the US Army to develop a system to enable our vehicles to be operated remotely or autonomously. JADI is expanding the capabilities to other types of vehicles as well, for commercial applications like agricultural tractors. They call the system the Autonomous Vehicle Controller (AVC). The prototype system has been working on the SIDEWINDER robot, and been in test for some time, as you no doubt know from watching the videos on both the Airtrax and JADI web sites.

    Airtrax recently (July) sent JADI a second, smaller robotic platform, that was configured at the Army's request, to enable it to climb curbs and enter buildings through small doorways. This unit has been nick-named the Turtle. This unit was scheduled for presentations in August through October, to various high ranking Military and Congressional representatives, as well as members of the commercial robotics community. We expect to have video from some of these demonstrations on the web sites before too long. Any news we are permitted to release will be disseminated as we receive it.

    Airtrax has been presenting the Autonomous Omni-Directional Vehicle concept to many customers both military and commercial and have received tremendously positive response. As you can imagine, making sure a system that has no driver in the vehicle entails a huge design and testing effort to be sure it is safe, and the system must be "hardened" for military and demanding industrial applications. This is time consuming. JADI is currently telling us that they expect the Military version of the system will be available in 10-12 months, and commercially available units available shortly there after. Airtrax and JADI and have been, and will continue to market these vehicles to try and insure there are sales booked by the time the system is ready.

    I am sorry there is nothing new that I can tell you at this time, but I hope this review of past events demonstrates to you some of the great progress Airtrax has been making over the last year, on both increasing the available technology and creating product awareness.

    Thank you for your inquiry. I truly appreciate your continued interest in what we are doing. It is only with the continued interest and support of the people like yourself, the owners of Airtrax, that Airtrax can survive and thrive.

    Best Regards,

    Nicholas Fenelli, COO
    Airtrax, Inc.

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    • Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaduuuuuuuuuuupppppppppppppppp!!

    • AND YES my late nite sarastc friend..things are not all rosy here. They are a bit thorny now but are being cultivated. very conservitively- a bit too much so IMO. They have taken a stance NOT to release news until (for the most part) after it has an intentional about-face from the old guard. And also in the process appear to neglect some things that SHOULD be discussed or released publically..Its killing us. They have IMO gone so far to make this point (which is not totally necessary but I do see the merrit) that the communication pendulum needs to swing BACK more towards the mid-line..again IMHO

    • Dont feel bad..we all make mistakes....jk

      Relax you late night surfer...I'm listening to you..I just would like to hear why you say the things you do. They are usually so bluntly negative but no explination behind them. I can see the logic in almost anything..but being a "glass half full" person..I tend not to without an explination is all....but ont you go changin too much..we need a salty opinion like yours here to help balance things! I realise this.

    • This looks crazy. These guys are wasting their time and our money on a wing and a prayer with the military. If the Pentagon really wanted this stuff there would be real cash flow and profits for AITX. Focus of our management should instead be on getting lift trucks and scissors jacks built and out the door.

      Having said that, I believe either 1) the wheels are far too expensive to go on anything other than a 'price is no object' military or high radiation environment vehicle, or 2) someone is driving the company into firesale prices for its technology.

      Either way, I hold on to a few shares just for the sensation of riding this sled down the hill.

      • 2 Replies to artm72
      • "<lift trucks and scissors jacks built and out the door.>"

        Sissors jacks? The Lift can & will be succesful. Anyone who says otherwise is blowing smoke up yer ARSE. You may be well not to put too much emphasis on the Fork Lift. its a great product, superior in almost all ways from durability, ease of use, mobility etc. to any type being sold today, however...its small and not built to carry max payloads required by some. Equally important is the air-tight market for air-trax. You NEED a partner behind you. if you had a new car and it was the best (for whatever reason) you think you could sell it succesfully?...because you said so! OR do you think Ford & Toyota might have something to say about it. ALSO It is also "relatively" expensive when compared to what is out there. But in my opinion "relatively" cheap if you have the correct scenario for it. Its a unique combination of things that is making it tough to penatrate the market. There IS a market - make no mistake about that - its just not the overnight blinding success that I and many others were hoping for. If the company puts it efforts elsewhere or not and decides to focus how & exactly where to sell remains to be seen.

        As far as "the military" or is a a very good place to sell especially speacialty products. Plus the IAF is thier own beast with other prospects. How come everyone complains that the Penatgon will buy a screw or lightbulb for $2,000.00 but when it comes to arguing on THIS board about THESE products there is suddenly NO profit when selling to the Pentagon. Why the hell does ANYONE think there is NO profit margin for AITX selling to the military?

        Look at it this way and you tell me honestly what the answer is concerning how you would perceive the future or the viability as a going concern for this company.....Had you purchased your shares last week instead of last year or before...what would your opinion be?? Just curious.

      • well, they are not focused and will not be generating sales of existing product.

        i think this is a 15 cent stock in the next 30 days.

        then more financing to stay in business. bad scene.

    • Nice info. Lots of promise. Now maybe we can get stock to move in another direction, not down...down...down.

    • Thanks for posting this. Look forward to sales to Israeli Military, the Cobra,and then Jadi.

      The e-mail is very encouraging, and the video from the presentations will be excellent pr.