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  • picksandshovels16 picksandshovels16 Mar 10, 2008 11:20 AM Flag

    Party Time

    Well Net its going as you planned and as I feared. Dripping down is the price with no support by the company. So what are your plans if it hits your .11 price comes back around - you gonna buy more (or should I say) buy back in?? Was wondering what you will do if your prictions come true.....

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    • Maybe you can clearly tell me what they are saying?

    • they are saying something very clearly.

    • financings are not periods when you cant release news. in fact, think of it a bit. you are witholding public info but sharing with the inside buyers who buy in before you release news? its called fraud.

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      • Its disgusting not fraud. And forget about "PUBLIC" information. It is arguable that it is not necessarily "public" information. Its publically traded YES, but phuk the Public. What about shareholdes. Even back in college it was made clear to me that a shareholder is in fact a small % share owner in the company.YOU have a share in the company. Share, share..thats fair. Doesnt that place me and/or us and/or anyone who owns stock in a place more privileged then the PUBLIC?

    • I think your right that NO other news is being released due to the financing...having said THAT....I am of the mind that they would PLEASE just make the $ announcement (good, bad, or ugly) so we can at least move on.

    • i think any financing deal will be a bullet for shareholders now. if i were financing the company i would want shares at 7- 8 cents and warrants or a convertible with no bottom.

      the stock is not being shorted, its being sold off.

    • I do believe financing is in the works and could be a reason why no real news has been posted. It's unfortunetly a double edged sword. In most cases the company is not aloud to post news which could artificially inflate the stock price while a deal is being brokered. On the other negative side chances are people on the side of the financing have been shorting the stock to lower the price.

      Financing maybe? What i do think is resonable to assume is that things are happening and will be announced in the near future. Whether we as stock holders are going to be happy with what traspires is a different story.

    • That last line is scary but has merit. THATS why I joke but a white night is out there. Manufacturing the Lift etc. AITX gets a desereved piece of the action and they continue with the MP and other project with JADI, wheel chair (which they could handle making themselves) etc...there is a healthy rout they could take. I expect a strategic partner to be announced. Its the right thing to do and a great way to do way more then survive. What I fear is ther IS a white night but maybe they wear a black hat and are patiently waiting to se if the deal they were planning on could turn into a desperate deal on the Co's part.
      OR our hero's actually pull this thing off, as you know I'm still looking will happen

    • i suggested the israeli thing since they want the technology. they could probably buy it for a couple million dollars or even license it to an israeli manufacturer for a couple hudred grand.

      if i am a warehouse operation, there is no way on earth i buy one of these experimental units that could be orphaned.

    • OK question asked and answered. Yes I also believe they will get financing, however I'm counting on a different result.

      Interesting about an "Israeli corporate buy out of the technology" You amaze me with this, the way your brain works. They do have that jewish friend over there, perhaps he's working on something..remember him? he probably brokerd the original deal. Nah I see an american company picking up the pieces if it comes to that. What we need to concern ourselfs is an asset sell-off to satify the A-stock people as opposed straight out sale. Hey the first family of AITX will have soemthing to ay about all that.

      "<if there were orders from the show, they would have announced them">

      I dont think there has been enough Post Time. It takes quite a bit of follow-up after a show. I'm not blowing smoke, I have lived the game. Unless there were orders just like the PRE-orders they received, there will be a lag between the show and purchase orders in hand - especially on a bigger ticket item. They aint selling clay pots Home Depot ya know...(and no, I'm not in the clay pot business)

    • i think that the stock will drop to less than 8 cents within a week. i believe the company has no sales pipeline but will be able to dilute out another half a million or so dollars from a death bond.

      israel bought the technology and would obviously not want to see the company tank. they may step in with an israeli corporate buy out of the technology and leave the shareholders with nothing.

      this is about over though as a going concern i think. if there were orders from the show, they would have announced them. i do not think many companies would gamble on buying expensive equipment from a penny stock company.

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