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  • rubberlady_3000 rubberlady_3000 Mar 25, 2008 4:43 PM Flag

    SHO LIst

    Aitx is on it I am not sure what it means or how it relates to a stock is it Naked shorting were shorts are exchanging paper. I do not know, can someone explain


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    • To listen to any of these investment banks have to say is just foolish. They publish what suits their needs. Hype hype and more hype.

    • Don't bring that global warming B.S out. How human centric to suppose you or anybody knows what is the "right" climate and that we are so powerful as to change it. One good solar flare or massive volcano or comet hitting the earth will make more climate change than all of what we do. All humans are is a bad rash on the planet.

    • yes, credit crunch ending as fed hands out money. ok.

      genius, go read the GS research notes on the 1.1 trillion in bad debt left to write down. and focus on the part that states not 1/10th of it has been written down so far in the crisis. and its not a crisis yet. not by a longshot. what crisis? the market has a 10% correction after a doubling and there is a crisis? there is not even a recession! yet.

      want to see a crisis? look at photos of the antartic ice shelf, bleached coral in the carribbean, melting glaciers in asia and europe, sea ice in the artic. that is your crisis. lets all watch.

    • rubberlady_..., being on the SHO list only means a failure to deliver shares as required with a specific timeframe.

      It could mean naked shorting if the shares were sold before a source for borrowing shares was found.

      It could also mean that the lender of shares could not deliver the shares to the borrower, and that would result in naked shorting.

      It could also be that there was never an attempt to borrow shares to deliver against the short position. Definitely naked shorting here, and in this case it is a deliberate act to avoid delivery requirements.

      All of the above instances are aginst the "rules".

      • 1 Reply to fwhco
      • Well said fwhco

        Two things:

        1.) If there is no punishment...then why not do the crime? These people have NO fear because there appears to be nothing TO fear. Baretta AND HIS BIRD are pissed at that one -

        2.) Do you feel a bit silly when at the end of the day you have just given a helpful, well constructed, knowledgable, and timely someone called rubberlady!!!

    • Very odd the volume hasnt vanished as it should during this period. That says something...there is still accumulation. YES Steve HOLD ON a few more days!

    • There are som many deals being held up until after the end of the quarter. Noboddy wants to let go off cash before then and much less put a speculative asset on thunch books. Fed handing out 200 billion tomorrow. Watch credit crunch end with a vengeance. Be patient. Hopefully company can hang on a few more days.

    • You are definetly right that now is not a good time to be looking for money. A buy out wouldn't be such a bad thing provided your avg. by in price is lower than say 20 cents.

      What do you think we could expect from a buy out?

    • Thats the second time you said that final thought about israeli company. I'd prefer an investment as opposed to buy-out (regardless the company or its origin), unless the buy-out is for nice $. If it happens either way...I will hunt you down, bug your phones, watch your home, follow you everywhere you go, question your barber, and eventually discover your sources...and make them my own. HA!

    • a new finance deal will not need orders to make money, merely convertible stock. however, the problem in this economy is that people are not getting financed.

      i wish them luck but they are struggling it seems. this market is tough. i would think the saving grace might be a buy out (or investment) by an israeli company.

    • Could you clarify your question? It doesn't make sense.

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