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  • deseretman deseretman Sep 19, 2006 1:58 PM Flag

    Is the Analyst Meeting the reason for the drop?

    Does anyone else find it suspicious that a major drop in UTEK is taking place just as the company hosts an analyst conference in New York?

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    • The likely reason for the drop is that some traders had
      bought ahead of the meeting hoping for some kind of
      announcement by the company that would drive the stock
      higher (ie. additional LSA-100 sales, a sale to a memory
      customer). With no announcement, they sold the stock.
      Just a guess.

      I am in UTEK for the long haul. I don't know if LSA is going
      to pan out or not. Sometimes I think the company is holding
      back and that they know LSA will be adopted by the industry. Most of the time, I am not so sure. I believe they did say it is being used by one company in production mode. With all the logic customers trying it out, I would hope there is something to it. It appears they even have a memory customer that may place an order. But the quarter is
      almost over, and there has been no announcement.

      UTEK seems to be relatively quiet in making any kind of
      announcements on LSA. Certainly, some of those in the industry
      must know if LSA is worth the effort. That is one thing
      that worries me. I can not help but think that
      if LSA works well as some say, then the UTEK share price would not be sitting near a 52-week low. But then
      again, I have seen so many good stocks very undervalued by
      Wall Street so the share price does not prove anything.
      I also know RTP and Flash annealing can be used at some 65-nm stages of production. I just don't know if LSA is an
      option or a requirement. I believe the company did say that
      some companies are requesting that LSA be used to make their chips. I believe they called it a push-pull situation. That sounded good to me. The company continues
      to say the push-out of 65nm production to late 2007 is the
      reason for the slowness of orders. I wish I knew more.
      UTEK has always been a risky stock. There has never been any
      consistency to them making money. I like that they have no
      debt and adequate cash, but I do understand the risk.

      It would be nice to have a Yahoo board where the subject is UTEK. Maybe those interested in UTEK can find a stock where no ones posts and use that board to discuss UTEK. Years ago, the Yahoo UTEK board was quite informative. For the past 3 years, almost useless.

    • What? The little guy getting screwed again? Impossible!

      / Major sarcasm

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