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  • pine52x pine52x Jul 17, 2007 7:32 PM Flag

    Ultratech - millisecond annealing

    If UTEK does not, at minimum, show good bookings for its LSA product this quarter, then something is wrong. I guess after several years of waiting for decent results I have the right to loose faith in the company. What worries me now is other companies catching up in millisecond annealing.

    Art Zafiropoulo needs to come through this quarter or I am going to agree with the Thales Fund that the company be sold. I am beginning to wonder if the LSA product is all that good. He said companies would be backfilling it into 90 nm lines. Now it seems like LSA is not needed at 65nm.
    Do we wait for 45nm or 32nm? I think if a company like AMAT, LAM, or NVLS were selling it, it would have a better chance of being adopted by the industry. They could fund the research needed to increase the through-put and correct the other negatives that are likely holding it back.
    Of course, Thales has already stated that. I think Art Z. will sell out only if he either looses control of UTEK, or the financials become much worse. I once believed the LSA product would succeed. But I think it has been about 16 consecutive quarters of non-delivery. I complement him for having faith in the product and I compliment myself for having patience for such a long time. But now I have decided this has to be it. The future is now. UTEK must deliver results now. I know of some anaylyst who quit covering the stock a couple of years ago. I thought to myself "what a mistake". Now I realize that they understood the fundamentals of the situation.

    Art, Bruce, Laura; You need to come through with some good results! Not just a couple of pennies in earnings (earned from the $100 million in cash on the books). We need to see real earnings, and we need to know the industry is adopting LSA.


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