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  • rockstudly rockstudly Oct 16, 2007 8:28 AM Flag


    I know that this board is a Kirk bashing Brinker supporting board. But has anyone noticed that there seems to be accumulation going on with UTEK? Several insider buys through the summer.

    They will release earnings on Thursday. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    • I am having a discussion with Chip_equip. I am not even on the main page and I still can't get away from you Brinker idiots.

      Take your attitude to another chatroom and go fux yourself....

    • Did he say that you've been kicked off every web site except this one, and then later say you got kicked off this one too.

      His message is so poorly written that its difficult to follow.

    • Avenger, have you ever seen so many lies in one 38-word post?

    • who gives a shi.... that you did.

      Anyone who takes stock advice from some dipshi.. on the radio deserves what they get...

      Then set up a Brinker board somewhere else. This is the only place to talk about UTEK.

      After 7 or so years of this crap, enough is enough.....

    • I have been watching this thread for several years now.

      All you brinker/kirk guys are sick fux.

      You made a bad stock move by listeneing to them....get over it already.

    • The insider who is doing the accumulation is the same stock fund that requested that the current ownership sell the company due to lack luster performance and UTEK being too small to bring Laser annealing to the market.

      In a good quarter, UTEK only sells about 15 tools for both laser annealing and bump lithography. This is very, very tiny compared to what AMAT, LAM , KLA , and Novellus sell per quarter. As single AMAT division sells hundreds of front end process tools per quarter.

      A division at AMAT that made the same revenues that UTEK does in a single year would be considered for shutdown or absorption into another division.

      In fact UTEK used to be called Ultartech Stepper, but had to back away from that since they no longer can think to compete in the sub .18 micron arena. They tried to make a 154 nanometer tool and fell on their sword. SO the new name "Ultratech".

      So all they have left is bumnp lithography in the very back end packaging part of the semi business which none of the majors wants to bother with and the laser annealing tool which they are just too small for anyone large semi manufacturer to trust as a supplier.

      It is the same old Silicon Valley story...a little guy opens up a new market and starts making money. The big guys get interested and step in and take it from them.

      AMAT already has its own laser annealing tool. No way will UTEK get any significant market share when a front end process is at way no how. Particularly when AMAT has a larege chunk of the RTP market that the Laser tool is supposed to replace.

      UTEK will never be a big player in any market because of their sales and marketing processes plus too many of the important players in manufacturing and laser annealing have jumped ship or have been fired.

      Their hope is to generate enough of a market for the laser tool for someone like one of the big four or even Varian to buy them out. This has been their wet dream for the past 10 years.

      Otherwise UTEK is just a boutique tool producer. It exists simply as an ego play for the CEO. He is a serious self promotor and already an emporer without clothes. Without the UTEK CEO title, he would be more the naked at the Slicon Valley cocktail circuit. So the reason why he makes a big deal of ringing the bell at the NASDAQ.....

      I am not a short, nor do I own this stock.

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      • I agree with some of what you say. However, on the part about AMAT having their own laser annealing tool, it apparently is quite different from the UTEK tool and not effective. I have spoken with Zafiropaulo and he did not think it was a competitive threat. I believe he also said that if it is sold, AMAT will owe UTEK royalties on each tool sold. On the other hand, another well informed person said that the royalties issue would likely end up in court with UTEK fighting AMAT for their share.

        Zafirapoulo really does believe that he has the machine that everyone will 'eventually' need. I have listened to every conference call and every investors conference involving UTEK over the last 5 years. I have read as many papers on LSA as I can find. (It is apparently being used in production at this time.) However, as every day passes, I am becoming more doubtful that it will ever benefit UTEK shareholders. It was supposed to be needed at 65nm, then second generation 65nm, then it seems like 45nm is now the target. I will agree that the adoption of 65nm and 45nm has been slow. This is the excuse that UTEK uses. I worry that Flash anneal will solve their problems and UTEK will never make any money on LSA. If AMAT were to buy UTEK, perhaps they would be successful in selling the tool to the industry. I think the chance of that happening is very remote. UTEK management just does not want to sell out. I am convinced of that. I agree that Zafirapoulo really believes he has a remarkable machine (LSA) that will take the industry by storm. Maybe he does! I just don't know. (Zafirapoulo and Bruce Wright can do a great job of convincing anyone who will listen.)
        I sold off a small part of my position in UTEK on the recent spike up in price. The remainder I will hold for 6 months. If UTEK hasn't seen a significant increase in demand for LSA by that time, then I don't think it will ever happen. On the other hand, a couple of key analysts continue to follow UTEK after several years of no results. Sometimes I think perhaps they have some "inside the fab" knowledge that is telling them not to throw in the towel just yet.

      • excellent post. I couldn't have said it better myself.

    • I think you might be right.

    • > I guess Utek has not been interesting enough for those utek guys to come here and talk about it for the last 2 days.

      > Stumper.

      Maybe they are in mourning for Sir Pantsalot <<CHUCKLE>>

      I think somebody busted a cap on that moron and they deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

    • Looks like a retest of the lows. The smart ones sold some after the .50 gain and are coming back to buy again near the lows. Unfortunately I was not that smart.

      It will be interesting to see if it can go higher from here.

    • <<Morning Kirk. I see your syntax is intact.>>

      Right again,avenger! elan_snotro is definitely kirk!

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