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  • gakattach gakattach Dec 19, 2006 3:30 PM Flag

    What a Joke .. Law Suit.?. consider this

    Lemon has 15 of his contacts or paid plants to attend a work shop and file a complaint... That's what we are talking about here and a 50k fine. Company made it clear some time back on CC that there would be days like this. This unfortunately for IIG is the cost of doing business. There is always going to be un happy customers and an attorney looking to dip into the pockets of a company with cash. This is not worth dumping your stock over. Take advantage of this pull back and add. We are going higher...

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    • The joke is misinformation in your post. It is not "only a $50k lawsuit. It is $50,000 PER VIOLATION, plus the costs to refund any customer who wants out, plus costs of the investigation......

      Which means that the AG put time and resources into doing an investigation before he decided to file suit for fraudulent practices.