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  • icemandios icemandios Jun 25, 2009 3:09 PM Flag

    Dr. Frost Buys

    10,000 shares on 6/24/09 at an average cost of 1.70 per.

    That's 51,100 for June, so far.

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    • Just back from holiday time off. No surprise at all bout your condescening reply. My statement needs no retraction because it is accurate in that the LAST purchase made by FROST GAMMA INVESTMENTS TRUST, as a sole entity, was made on 7/13/07. The integration of FROST GAMMA INVESTMENTS TRUST with PHILLIP FROST MD was only recognized after that date.

      But who really cares as long as the wrath of icemandios lives on to be the ruler of the Opko YAHOO message board. You r da king. I await your command.

    • Nah. Haven't got it in me. :-)

      Hey, where have you beeeeen?

    • Hey Ice,
      Why don't you tell us how you really feel !! ;-)

    • "thot this tread was about recent purchases by Frost, not FROST GAMMA INVESTMENTS TRUST"

      First, you are posting on a message board........not texting your sweetie on your i-phone. Unless you are such a busy man that you can't expand your text a bit,.....expand your fargin' text.

      Second, who do you think Frost Gamma Investments Trust is? It is certain, if you graduated from high school for reasons other than you outgrew the desk or you were older than 50% of your teachers, you would know who Frost Gamma is IF you read even ONE SEC filing from its native source. Ignorance is no excuse.

      "oh, and the more selective site used in my post was also free"

      Well, now you lost me there. "More selective?" What does that mean? Does that mean it selects only certain data to print? Does it mean it selects, in a passive way, only certain credulous individuals to monitor it?

      "message boards r a place to share info not a place to prove 1 is the most savy internet guru."

      No. Message boards cost money. Yahoo is not Sister Teresa. There is an agenda here and everywhere. Nobody set up this forum at the cost of who knows how many thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars so that YOU could profit in the stock market. If you think otherwise, you're a total idiot.......and food for the sharks. I mean, really?!

      "try to be more supportive of investors that use message boards to find useful information, not a combative poster looking to prove u r the most savy financial internet guru"

      I probably have underwear that is older than you are, junior. Don't tell me how to do what I have been doing for more years than you have been of legal age to enter into a binding contract. I am combative b/c of people like you. You post here like you know ANYTHING. You know nothing. You gave evidence of that FACT by your absurd claim that Frost Gamma Trust hadn't bought anything since 2007.

      If that is an indication of the kind of information you gleaned from your 3rd party source ( or something like that), then here's what I suggest.....

      Keep on using that invaluable tool. It suits you to a T.

      If you want to learn something from these message boards (and good freakin' luck with that), next time you see me there, come up with a new moniker. I won't know who you are.....unless you cop an attitude like you did this time.

      Adios MF.

    • Hey, if you'd rather rely on a 3rd party to do your DD for you, fine with me. But why don't you at least take a minute and READ what you see there? Then, just maybe, you'd like to retract that last beauty you posted:

      "oh, and btw, FROST GAMMA INVESTMENTS TRUST hasn't made a purchase since 7/13/07 (4,042,060 share purchase at $1.80 - $3.88)."

    • 6.4 Million overall !! Is this correct - must be room for him to add to this !!!!!

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      • I am going to try just ONE MORE TIME to have a dialog with you. Just ONE MORE TIME.

        What is 6.4M? That number is meaningless to me.

        He has bought over 10.1M shares in the open market since 7/07. He has over 95M shares in the Frost Gamma Trust, and over 15M shares in the Frost Group LLC.

        Now, once again, and definitely for the LAST time, you go to and you type in OPK for the "CIK or Stock Symbol," and you can read all of the Form 4s and Def 14's and 10Qs and everything else that requires SEC filings.

        Where you came up with 6.4M is beyond me.......makes my eyes roll up.

        And, yes, he will add to "this." "THIS" being NOT 6.4M shares, but closer to 112M shares. He will be adding to "this" until the company is bought out. Bank on it.

    • Also look at the last three months!!Not just june!!Been on board for a little time glad one of my pupils found this one!!

    • Bought 6,000 on 6/26 at an average of 1.71 per. That's 57,100 for June, so far.

    • 51,000 is less than 2% of his current holdings.Not a big deal.

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      • What a fool you are! are you buying 51000 shares of anything but a 10 cent stock-move on loser-this board is for big boys, not children with a 1st grade education

      • Wow! I bet you did the math in your head! Impressive.

        What is a "big deal" is that the man buys whether the stock is going up or going down, and he buys with regularity.

        This may come as something of a mathematical puzzle to you, but the more he buys, the less of a percentage of his total holdings each subsequent buy becomes.

        Not to put too fine a point on it, but the percentage of his holdings this 51,100 shares represents is closer to 0.05% (that's a half a percent in case decimals are a problem).

        But thanks for your insight. ;-)

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