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  • mango33333 mango33333 Nov 14, 2010 11:53 PM Flag

    OPKO Research

    There is no question that OPKO has several hot irons on the fire. :)

    The research on its universal influenza vaccine seems promising.

    As well as the Opthalmic drugs that they are developing

    Even more promising are the drugs for nausea and vomiting, including Rolapiant,the NK-1 receptor agonist that they acquired from Schering-Plough, which seems to have very good potential.

    But I am even more enthusiastic and excited about the research on Alzheimer's and other diseases, that they commented back in February and of which they provided further information on the slides on the meeting that Icemandios just provided a link to.

    The results on those slides seem very good, and the statement in one of those slides seems to indicate that some further good news could be coming very soon. :)

    "Comprehensive analysis of longitudinal serum sample sets, including pre-symptomatic people, will be completed by Q4 2010."

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    • The stock is coming out of its last pennant formation.:)
      Volume is still low, but the stock it is already trading near its intraday H.

      If OPK decides to make an announcement on any of its "iron in the fire", and it has several available, the stock will get to the $4 level before the shorts may have much chance of buying back the stock they have borrowed.

      For that reason, I am increasing my 'target' to $5 :)

      Although with some really good news and taking into account the amount of the short position as well as the amount of stock in strong hands (insiders and institutions), the stock could easily get to the $10 level in 2011 :)

    • Another thing to note at OPK's chart is that the EMA10 and EMA20 are getting very close. :)
      (EMA10 is at 2.90 and EMA20 at 2.85 )

      The last time they actually joined was in late September and early October and the move up from those levels was a pretty good one.

      It seems that the current pennant formation is due to break soon, and I wouldn't mind a temporary dip to levels where I could pick some more shares at a cheaper price.

      However,with the on balance volume continuing to creep up to the highest levels, and the Chaikin Money Flow also on positive territory, it seems that the pennant formation will break to the upside. :)

    • Looking at OPK's chart,it seems that it has formed a good flag or pennant pattern with support at the $2.80 level.
      For those that aren't familiar with that,they may look the information at "Chart School". :)
      "Pennants are short-term continuation patterns that mark a small consolidation before the previous move resumes.
      They usually mark a mid-point of the move".

      And if the "previous move" was from $2.10 to $3.16

      What would be the "point" after the "previous move" resumes ?

      What about somewhere above $4 :)

    • Back in August, the news about a test for Alzheimer's based on a spinal fluid sample, were displayed on major newspapers as well as on most television channels. :)

      And even today, that "spinal fluid test" that was developed at University of Pennsylvania and published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, is still making news, as it was just brought back today in "News Channel:. :)'s-years-before-memories-fade

      But according to the previous reports, that test was about 90% accurate in detecting patients with the disease, and the specificity was somewhat questionable, since more than 30% of patients, with no apparent loss of memory also had positive results.:)
      It is questionable whether that is a sign that all those will eventually develop AD. :)

      On the other hand, OPKO's test doesn't need a spinal tap, just a simple blood sample would be enough. :)
      And as reported, it was found to be accurate in 95% of patients with a confirmed diagnosis of AD and specific enough to be able to differentiate patients even with other types of dementia. !!!

      Now, if OPKO is able to complete their current tests, that according to the slides they presented at Lazard, will probably be finished by year's end, and publish the results in a major Scientific Journal, there is no question that those news will be very wide spread. :)

      That's just one reason why I think that the stock could easily double and I keep gradually adding to my position.
      And I am still sorry for the shorts. :)

    • These were some "public news" that OPKO released back in February:

      And although OPKO has not released further information on that subject, from the slides that they presented at Lazard, for which Ice gave us a link, it can be deducted that more "public news" on that subject could be coming soon. :)

      Just read the slides.:)

      "ADP3 test can distinguish Alzheimer’s patients from those with other forms of dementia (Lewy Body).

      • A second-generation screening technology has resulted in the discovery of 70 peptoids that bind at least 10 Alzheimer’s-specific autoantibodies.

      . Comprehensive analysis of longitudinal serum sample sets, including pre-symptomatic people, will be completed by Q4 2010."

    • I don't know if changing the browser makes any difference on the space that YHOO allows for posting.
      Yesterday I tried posting with Mozilla FireFox and in another of my computers I was using Google Chrome.

      RE: OPK, I am glad to see that yesterday's intraday Up-gap is now closed, since I now plan to start adding a little more to my position. :)

    • Stu,

      I never said investing was all about me. You have been shooting this stock down, If I listened to you I would not have made money. At least acknowledge that buying OPK at $1.60 was a smart thing to do at this time.
      Question for board-

      Do you invest in stocks to make money?

      Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!

    • Ya, okay, now that the day's festivities have concluded, there was more about the Yahoo cutoff crap.

      I recall that the conversation suggested that the limit was associated with an IP addy. Beyond that, it becomes a bit fuzzy, but I think the remedy was, if one could, to change the IP one was using. I think that is automatic if one has a dynamic (vs static) IP addy just by closing down the Yahoo site on your browser, and then starting up again. Or, if you have more than one means of accessing the net, using the next one. But, I could be completely wrong...I'm far from geekly.

    • Yes, if you try to post too large a message, you get a warning in red about the number of characters allowed.

      And today, several messages that I tried to post, failed to post, although they were below the number of allowed characters..

      I don't really know what the problem was.
      So I opted for just keeping the whole message elsewhere and to post it in segments.:)

      Never had that problem while posting at Silicon Investor, Seeking Alpha, or many other places.:)

    • Page Nine, and Last, of the Comments.

      • A broadly applicable technology has been developed for the discovery of disease-specific autoantibodies and synthetic molecules that captures them from the blood.

      • Simple blood tests for Alzheimer’s Disease, cancers and other conditions are in ADVANCED DEVELOPMENT.

      But, don't expect anything.:)
      Just remember that OPKO is still an ophthalmolocy focused company and more importantly:


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