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  • burnaka Mar 12, 2011 12:09 PM Flag

    Dr. Frost's Age

    For a lack of a better word opk share holders own technology, in other words patents. I am not going to post links and do your research for you. Without Frost, the company still owns those technologies and has other brilliant minds in place. Their technology to strip the shell off of a protein is huge. I cannot even begin to explain the potential there. Simply put though, viruses mutate, so anyone medication shortly becomes useless. This technology makes a medication that once administered, it will make one immune from the mutations that a virus might make and the illness it might cause. Think universal flu vaccine. Think h1n1 and it's mutations. Is this particular technology at phase 3 yet? No. At least one other unrelated technology is in phase 3. If Frost quit the company tomorrow, as long as the technology remains there, opko will get a lot of drugs to level 3 in the next 5-10 years, some will be blockbusters. That is all of the research I am doing for you.

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    • That is all fine and dandy. What would a loss making research and development company be worth? Not to mention who would buy the over 100 million shares and at what price.

      Seems to me you might not have thought this through. If the company was self sustaining (meaning profitable) that is one thing. OPK simply eats up cash and would have failed years ago without Frost's investments. Should that day come where would it leave the company. There is only one answer. Unless of course he has a billion dollar life insurance policy to buy out his shares and fund the company. Maybe a question for the annual meeting.

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