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  • cnbctrader cnbctrader Jul 13, 2011 11:15 AM Flag

    Take out price on OPK is about 7. (strong rumor)

    this explains the the pattern of buying and then stopping.. ( SEC rule , no buying preceding any material announcement or take over / merger.

    Insider rules.. they have to stop buying.. I think in a few days you will see a tender offer for all of OPK.. ( at 7.00 PPS

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    • That would be almost $2 billion for the whole profitless company. Sounds about right. :)

      And this single acquirer would definitely want the Chilean and Mexican businesses, and the ophthalmic imaging business, and the Aquashunt, and the diagnostic tests, and another shot at making something of bevasiranib, and the nausea drug -- because they are all such inter-related businesses.

      Surely you jest.

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      • burnaka Jul 13, 2011 1:45 PM Flag

        Stuart I have a question ? Are you long or short opk, or no position? I ask simply because I cannot tell if you are trying to inform, or simply pointing out things that you see in Dr. Frost's strategy you do not like.

        Opko stated they are planning on leaving the ophthalmic imaging business in the annual report. Through a sale, spin off or licensing agreement.

        Regardless of your position, I wish you luck with your trade. My concern is that I would not dare be short a stock when the company has stated in their annual report they will be releasing a major medical break through in less than six months. In fact I will not even flip this one, I just hold and add when the funds become available.

        Good luck

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