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  • ijwbhh ijwbhh Jul 15, 2011 3:21 PM Flag

    Frost can't buy. ( prior to a buyout- Insider Rules

    in case you haven't noticed, frost hasn't bought in over 3 weeks. prior to that he was buying several times a week.

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    • I have noticed.. I feel ( In my opinion on a message board. Frost set the stage to " pull the ripcord and parachute to a level that will produce a return of 7-8 dollars.. I feel OPK will be sold in the next 30-45 days.

      Wallstreet sees Frost holding of 105million shares. This does frost no good, unless he says
      SELL IT ALL- the whole company..

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      • Early on, your "style" of posts suggested you might be another incarnation of Cnbc/Mrmike. I was ready to send you to ignore hell, but I didn't pull the trigger for some reason.

        Now, I think maybe you are not (but I've been wrong before).

        But what you are is you are wrong about what's coming down the pike. It's not a sale. But it is something that is going to escalate investor value. Among the things it could be are:

        1) another acquisition;
        2) another collaboration;
        3) a household name drug/biotech company taking a significant stake in OPK, and/or
        4)whatever the consummate deal maker Frost has up his sleeve.

        As I said earlier, one should not read too much into Frost's apparent hiatus in buying stock. I'll stand by that, but I'll also note that he was hammering it hard this year and especially in June (where he quit).

        And then, and really should have been paying more attention...we find extraordinary options activity on the Sep 5 calls.

        Somebody put some uniquely heavy bread on a bet here. I'm surprised that one of those option tracking web sites has not already issued an alert on this (or maybe I'm not).

        So, Frost drops the hammer on the buying, then apparently quits. Somebody bets heavy on OPK being over 5 in Sep. Well, you do the math.

        But a buyout? No. I gave it some thought. Discussed it with another savvy person. It's too soon, pps is too low, and my gut tells me there are a few cards in this poker hand that have yet to be played. Not a buyout, but something else that is going to send the stock closer to 9 or 12. And then, MAYBE then, we can talk about buyout. FWIW

      • burnaka Jul 15, 2011 4:29 PM Flag

        We all have our opinions, and that is what a message board is for, to express them. If I put a cake in the over that takes an hour to bake, why would I take it out in a half hour, lol, half baked. Frost is not selling this company in the next 30-45 in my opinion, that would be selling way too early. He might consider a sale once the two near completed studies are done, if the results are good, and the blood tests are ready to go to market. That Alzheimer's blood test will be huge news. My question is, any thoughts on where Opko will spike to on that news?????

        When we get there, at that point, Frost might entertain the idea of selling. Until that point, it is a waiting game. Be patient, buy on dips, a sale will come, I personally think the AD test kits are enough to turn Opko into a cash cow in it's own right, and a sale would not be necessary. Thoughts????

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