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  • drangles2000 drangles2000 Nov 16, 2011 8:21 PM Flag

    Bru's record

    To all

    Bru has stated it was his last post. First post on this id was oct 13
    Opk was 4.68. Today 5.32. Do the math


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    • This will only continue. I feel sad and embarrassed for Bru. His ego continues to drive him to losses in the market. He spends his days writing negative articles on message boards rather than spending time doing his homework. Dr. Phil has spent his entire career proving moron's like him wrong and OPK will be no different. Dr. Phil's net worth = $3Billion and Bru's is microscopic (why else would he still be posting on message boards after 20 years in the business? The only reason is that he knows nothing about how markets operate and is driven by his opinion and his oversized ego). The market does not care about his opinion nor my opinion nor anyone else's opinion. The market does what it does and you take your lead from that. Bru, for the integrity of investors who have a clue, it would be best if you just disappeared. Find a new profession please.

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