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  • dorianpc Dec 8, 2011 6:37 PM Flag

    Opko investors I need a little help with a thought I had

    Serious question: You imply you have to be long this stock to be a non stupid investor? Or do you mean to create a group to hijack this board for the purpose of pumping the stock with the same drivel every day...FROST BUYS MORE STOCK!!! ...OPK GOING TO $15 !!! If your answer is no to both questions, then you have my attention, otherwise please hit ignore one more time - please.

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    • Dorian and Jauneato offer two (and not necessarily in order of importance) good reasons why a private forum dedicated to OPK is not a great idea.

      Been to this "dance" before with other stocks, other message boards, other years. I could wax on about the flaws in the plan, but these two people hit the high points (and Jauneato wasn't even commenting on the subject). But, I will mention that, in order to keep the balance here, anybody who is a member of the private board would probably feel compelled to post on BOTH. And, not to be harsh, but a single stock private forum could quickly degenerate into a "support group."

      So, I for one, thank you for the consideration, but respectfully decline. Which, BTW, might induce at least two others on your list to agree to join. :-}

    • I would like to say that the answer to both your questions is yes. I also agree with Ice's concern that it could devolve into a support group. If you look historically at the posts of the people I recommended I think it would make a good group IMHO.

      That having been said, seeing a lack of interest and no desire to moderate on my part I will likely close it soon.

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