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  • mango33333 mango33333 Jan 11, 2012 3:36 PM Flag

    The BELL is RINGING :)

    The afternoon up-move started at 2:00pm and with the stock now above $5 the BELL which had been placed on automatic pilot, already started RINGING

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    • actually I was asking dorian who called 4.75, but close enough, for horseshoes and hand grenades I guess.

    • <<How did you figure this out?>>
      <<There a lot of people that predict things..>>

      It isn't as complicated as you may think. :)

      First you have to notice that I said:
      "SO FAR TODAY"....
      That's the first and a VERY IMPORTANT POINT. :)

      Is like predicting the weather, it is hard to predict what it will be like next week and even the next day, but it becomes easier to predict what it will be like in the next couple of hours.
      Albeit even in that somewhat short period, sometimes you may experience unexpected changes.

      For instance, today OPK started trading with its right foot and there was a nice uptick on a good volume.
      But have to watch the intraday resistance from $4.95 to $4.98 before it can hit the BELL at the $5 level.
      Also have to watch how the winds from the general market keep blowing.
      The NAZ started blowing to the N, but turned S
      The DOW started blowing S and has turned N :)
      Have to watch the NAZ support at 3050 and the DOW at 13,000

      On OPK the shorter term charts (from one to 30 minutes) have positive looking patterns.
      But from 60 minutes upwards, they still have important resistance levels to deal with.

      Since the best time to buy is on the way up, I am planning to add to my position on a close above $5.08 :)

      It may need some news to get there or the insiders to continue their persistent buying pattern.

    • How did you figure this out?
      There a lot of people that predict things - like going to 15!!!
      But you actually nailed it.

    • The bell is now quiet.

    • Although the trading today din't start with an UG, it did hit the BELL in the first few minutes, which woke me up. :)
      There is intraday resistance at the $4.94 level, but I will keep the BELL ready in case some late afternoon up-pressure buying comes along and the stock can close above the $5 level.
      But in general, the stock is behaving better than I had expected, taking into account that OPKO is scheduled to announce its 4thQ and Yearly results and that a "March 13" is supposedly not a good date.:)
      I will keep waiting for further developments...

    • The BELL is RINGING :)

      The stock was able to close at $5 on a volume above 4.1M (there was a heavy volume on the last minute of trading, which moved the stock to the intraday H.)
      Albeit there are a few people now taking profits AHs. :)
      The heavy volume on the last minute came without news.
      OPKO continues its previous practice of not making its presentations available on its home page.
      Many smaller companies have webinars of their presentations that are usually available for several days after presentations.
      Will see if someone can find a link to the slides they used,in order to compare with the ones at the JP Morgan presentation last month.

    • The BELL is Still RINGING :)
      (Since the stock has kept above its support at the $5 level.)

      Actually, on its monthly chart it has been above its EMA5 since November !!!

      The deal with ChromaDex, which is another company where P.Frost has a substantial position,is just another minor IRON added to the FIRE. :)

      OPKO announced today they have entered into an alliance with ChromaDex, which has licensed to OPKO all of its new product offerings and health care technologies for distribution and business development throughout all of Latin America.
      (Remember that OPKO has some subsidiaries in Mexico and Chile.) :)

      The initial products to be commercialized are BlūScience, which is a recently launched line of dietary supplements, and pTeroPure, which is ChromaDex's proprietary pterostilbene.
      OPKO has recently made a $1,000,000 investment in ChromaDex as a participant in a private placement of 4,993,329 shares of ChromaDex common stock.

      The stock has intraday resistance at the $5.18 level.

      I will continue to pick some extra shares and sell some at times in order to continue to bring down my average cost. :)

    • I believe this is getting very close to a nice pop. Meanwhile the 20ma keeps squeezing closer.

    • Highest close since 1/19. And best volume in 4 days.

    • There appears to be a decent short % that may help.

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