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  • mango33333 mango33333 Jan 11, 2012 3:36 PM Flag

    The BELL is RINGING :)

    The afternoon up-move started at 2:00pm and with the stock now above $5 the BELL which had been placed on automatic pilot, already started RINGING

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    • Enough with the bell ringing! After several months of ringing it is time to give it up.
      Why the resistance to rise above $5.00 and hold? We have had decent volume but need 2-3 million shares to affect a positive break out.

    • The resistance at the $5 level has been higher than anticipated. :)
      There are many nearsighted people that look at the high PE and PS and continue to short the stock.
      But the majority of the shorts aren't aware of OPKO's IRONS on the FIRE.:)
      I had the BELL on autopilot and it started to RING again this morning.
      It woke me up, since I went to bed late last night and was still asleep when that happened. :)
      I will take the BELL now off from autopilot.
      Looking at the one minute chart, I see that there is now some resistance at the $4.97 to $4.98 level and as the volume approaches the 263Ks the daily L has only been $4.93 :)
      Will go out for a walk and probably will watch some of the action this afternoon.

    • This is options expiry week. Nothing is supposed to make sense other than killing the most options one can.

      The only thing that can disrupt the regularly scheduled program is news (see EGHT, eg.)

    • Or an upgrade.

    • Yes,you can usually expect more volatility at the option expiring week, and when earnings are declared. I don't play that much with options anymore, but still sell some covered calls and occasional puts on some that I am planing to buy.
      Also keep an eye on what Bernie Schaeffer and others are saying.:)
      I like EGHT regarding its low debt and positive CF, but the insiders and institutions had been selling.
      There are always stocks having nice movements every day.
      I am usually interested on the ones with a daily volume >500Ks where one could try to scalp > 0.5% from a good up-move.
      Examples today would be INSM, TLB, HZNP, SWKS, OREX, CNDO, STEV, GTHB to name a few. :)
      OPKO has now completely closed the UG and so far has found support at its EMA5, which now stands at 5.26
      The EMA10 is now at 5.16 and still feel it won't dip below that level as long as the volume remains low.
      But with now it seems there will not be enough time left for it to retest the November H this month, unless it comes out with some news.

    • The BELL is still RINGING. :)
      (As long as it stays above the $5 level during the present correction. )

      The stock closed today just above the EMA20 on its daily chart, which now stands at 5.07
      The EMA50 is now at 4.98 and the EMA100 at 4.81

      Since the up-move that started on September 10, the stock has been able to stay above its EMA100 even within its previous November correction.
      From a technical view point, the only concern on the daily chart is that the SAR moved above Price today.
      But that only lasted for a two day period during the previous November correction. :)

      On the weekly and monthly charts, the SAR remains below Price.
      On its weekly chart the stock never closed below its EMA20 at any time since the up-move started from the $2 level in September 2010

      The stock has performed well in spite of no positive news as yet from its IRONS on the FIRE.:)

    • dollars2come Jan 24, 2012 5:00 PM Flag

      (As long as it stays above the $5 level during the present correction. )

      This looks like a twin to the big rally we had back around the second week of Nov. in which case I look to see it below the 5 dollar range.

    • dorianpc Jan 24, 2012 5:30 PM Flag

      I agree, even though it's happening right before our eyes It's hard to see it unfold.
      The support level is clearly at 5.11. I don't know where this magical 5.00 level came from, but it is non existent.
      Looks like it dove through 5.11 and will retest around 4.75 soon. *yes this is a prediction - for what it is worth*
      - The bell has turned to a GONG !

    • The "magical" support level at 5 is an old school concept called "Market Numbers."

      If you really know anything at all, you certainly know about that.

      Methinks you do a couple of things (and not too cleverly):

      1)You advocate trading the daily ranges.

      That's fine, I have no problem with that. But one needs to trade significant SIZE to capitalize on that.

      2) You say things that you know very well are not true, most likely to enhance your prospects for doing (see #1 above).

      I'm all for making money, but the way you tend to try to go about it doesn't really enhance your prospects of doing so, nor does it lend credibility to your various messages.

      Nobody here, who is long this stock, gives your varying outlooks any attention.

      Nobody here, who is long, is going to, therefore, afford you the advantage you seek.

      Meantime, you come off as in/un/credible.

      Suggestion: STFU and just play your game. Nobody here on this board is going to make a difference in your prospects. And you just sound stoopid.

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