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  • dorianpc Feb 15, 2012 5:57 PM Flag

    510,000,000 authorized shares

    Your cost basis has very little downside. I have to be more cautious (paranoid)?
    As others have more correctly described the latest chart as a cup and handle, it seems we are approaching the key level of 5.11 and maybe accumulate lower as we traverse the earnings.
    I know many feel earnings aren't relevant at this stage, but I stick with what I know. I dunno, with 10K maybe I should stick with ROX...
    Question to you since you seem to have intelligent answers. What do you make of a company's authorized shares compared to the float? Is their a dilution danger? Or am I seeing phantoms.

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    • I start investing in small companies which have insiders who have heavy vested interest. Have many dr Frost companies. Made a bundle with CNU.
      Another example is CMXI has multimillionaire with large share holding. Already a double for me. Do you think Dr Frost is looking out for shareholders. I do.

      Good luck! I think you are going to miss out. My last one was a 19 bagger.


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      • Drangles . I have recently started to follow those companies with large insider buys as well and so far it is starting to pay off. Two (2) in particular are NBIX and INCY. However I have not found it as part of my strategy to buy and hold for a long period. Both of those I listed above I set a sell after a 30% gain which all came about within a few months. My longest hold right now is OPK which I bought at $4.88 with a core position of 11,350 shares . Have not added or intend to sell OPK in the forseeable future.

        Regards - JND

    • All I can say is I can't afford to sell off any of my TEVA shares, Cap Gains Tax ya know.

      If you really are concerned with the stock valuations and float, get out your old reliable calculator and figure out all the numbers on a fully adjusted for dilution basis.

      Then consider if the bulk of the capital is in weak or strong hands.

    • "I know many feel earnings aren't relevant at this stage, but I stick with what I know."

      If all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail?

      You are trying to pound a square peg into a round hole. Time to take another look?

      Point being, don't apply F/A theory that MIGHT be useful where the Dow componets are concerned to stocks like OPK. OPK is a lot different from even most "new" biotechs.

      Frost is building a biotech holding company with a revenue generating compliment.

      Your model is inappropriate. Get over it, or miss out. Simple as that.

      And if that doesn't resonate, try this:

      When you are even ON the list of Forbes richest guys, guys who made the list by investing in stocks and starting companies, then you might want to criticize what Frost is doing. 'Till then, know. ;-)

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