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  • ibh7uy6 ibh7uy6 Apr 26, 2012 5:05 AM Flag

    Frost buys another 20k shares

    Purchased on Tuesday at an average of $4.85.

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    • Ya, I hate it when that happens. I try to remember to select the text in my post and hit CTL+C, then post, then wait to see if it shows up. Pain in the rear, but what other venue would you use ....answer: None.

      Oh, and if it doesn't "show up," you can try another shot by hitting CTL+V on a new post.

      Pity these titans of commerce ever "fixed" something that wasn't broken.

      And we know what the problem is with that.

      Adapt and overcome. ;-)

    • Sorry that apparently I was the culprit for the "misspoke". :)

      I tried to answer a couple of other items on the previous discussion points.
      But for some reason, YHOO has not allowed my notes to post.
      I don't like to spend time typing, and the message not going through.
      If that persists, I won't do any further posting.

    • dorianpc Apr 27, 2012 11:08 AM Flag

      My crystal ball now tells me I will be making 6% on NOK next week, while I wait for it to outperform OPK from now till the end of the year.
      I guess we will have to wait and see if i am right - AGAIN.

      p.s "a few K" is more than "a couple K" so it's obvious why your false assumptions don't add up.
      Since you have failed to recognize when you are being mocked, I suppose it would be pointless for me to pile on.
      Just mark this one, so I can ring it up next to my 4.25 call.
      My propensity to say "I told you so" is concerning, even to me. But the sheer exhilaration is irresistible!

    • Whoops. 4.83 was not the HOD. I misspoke. It was the highest price attained after Mango bought at 4.78.

      And, upon further reflection, just b/c Mango said he might sell some higher than 4.81, doesn't mean he actually did.

      Matter of fact, I'd bet he didn't. But I could be wrong, and I don't lay claim to "true predictive ability." Ha haaaa haaa. Whatever that is these days. :-))

    • In addition to everything else, it appears that basic math is beyond your grasp.

      Let me preach on it:

      He buys 2k shares at 4.78
      4.78 x 2000 = 9560. To this we add a brokerage fee of what? 10 bucks?


      Now, he is going to sell "some of the" 2k at "something over 4.81."

      Okay, he's a genius at timing things right and sells at the HOD at 4.83.

      4.83 x something. You say "a couple hundred" profit.

      The pps gain is a nickel. So, to make 200 bucks on a nickel advance we calculate: 200/.05 = 4000 shares

      Hmmmm. Geee. Well, suppose he sold ALL 2000 share for a nickel profit:

      2000 x 4.83 = 9660
      Pay the Broker fee 10 bucks leaves 9650.

      9650 - 9570 = 80 bucks.

      Whoops. Not quite 200, hey?

      Well, I gather you're young, inexperienced, so here's something that might come in handy someday:

      Own 1000 shares, pps goes up 5 cents, you made 50 bucks. Now, you can just multiply the shares and the profit by the same multiple and figure what 2000 or 3000 or even 4000 shares would profit.

      Get it? Or was I typing too fast? LOL.

      Oh, BTW, what you find more relevant, considering your limited understanding of what you have read, is similarly of no consequence to me.

      Not to complicate things further, but Mango has said numerous times that he operates out of an IRA account (you know, a CASH account). You do know the rules about trading in a cash account, don't you?

      Oh, and as for "true predictive ability," ya probably shouldn't have mentioned the NOK thing. :-)))

    • dorianpc Apr 26, 2012 8:34 PM Flag

      To me it means simply he actually trades the stock himself and was able to turn what would have been a 1% paper loss for the day into a couple hundred cold hard CASH. Good for him.
      I found his posts more relevant to me than say, day old publicly available information about what a billionaire did with his money.
      What I DIDN'T see coming was the visceral, gratuitous response from the iceman. Which sadly, belies my true predictive ability.
      Posting BS indeed!
      newsflash -- Your opinion or endorsement of other people on this board is of no consequence.

    • And I just bought a few Ks at $4.78

      Ready to enter the last hour of trading and volume is still below the one million.:)

8.26-0.18(-2.13%)Feb 5 4:01 PMEST