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  • cnbctrader cnbctrader Aug 2, 2012 10:34 AM Flag

    Opko stock is being sold, by many people( quietly)

    It's a shame that Frost keeps buying and the public watches these meaningless buys and posting as to adding to his position. (112 million)

    The stability at OPK is very obvious here, people realize this now and are less excited because the reality is easy to see. Nothing is happening, Frost buys as they sell. It keeps going down he trys to scoop up the lack of demand but it cant be stopped. The shares are dropping. Frost should stop soon as the stock goes under 4 bucks

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    • Glad that someone is paying attention!

      It is complex and every year it will get worse.

      You may recall a congressional tax bill that was labeled as 'Simplifacion' a few years back. That's the one that was nicknamed the 'Accountants and Lawyers Annuity' Tax Law.

      This ain't no place for young punks.

      And, no, not every stock I ever bought was profitable. Took a flyer on a couple hundred shares of Braniff Airways in the weeks before their Bankruptcy. Turned out there was more skullduggery than I had expected. Even after 2008 I have no losses in the basket.

    • dorianpc Aug 3, 2012 5:37 PM Flag

      At least your paying attention.

      Yes, the vagaries of the tax code and the complications of multi-year trading, trying to lessen the impact of short term capitol gains tax while balancing profits and losses don't lend themselves to easy examples.
      That being said, every December you will see people forced into selling at a loss for exactly these reasons. Getting bumped into a higher tax bracket for your entire income for the sake of your portfolio can be painful.

      If your assumption is that you are going to make a profit on every stock you touch, then your argument is easier. (If you live on mars that is)
      For the rest of us, managing losses is an important part of the picture. The system is set up for it.
      The answer is - it depends. But managing your tax liability is easier than trying to predict the future value of your profits.
      Unless you are ENRON.

    • I am sorry but didnt you just validate my point. Your as useless as a buthole on my elbow. Your assumptions were both making money on the stock not freaking losing it.

    • 1,,,Bought at a buck
      2,,,current price FOUR TO FIVE
      3,,,Long Term CGTax rate 10%

      Sell...Pay tax #0.30- 0.40

      Buy back maybe 4.50

      Three years to five years out stock at 12

      Cap Gains Tax rate 35%

      SurTax rate 15%

      Forced into TAXABLE transaction due to merger for stock (gain not realized) PLUS CASH (gain recognized, for significant holders, BRACKET BUMP)

      Now who is the idiot?


    • From one of your earlier excerpts

      "A 30% loss is still a 30% loss.
      Unless you have access to cheap options every once in a while.."

    • Please explain to me how losing a dollar to save 45 cents is good?
      Then maybe I will shut up.

    • dorianpc Aug 3, 2012 12:53 PM Flag

      I doubt you are in the position to manage tax losses and engineer them to co-ordinate a cohesive tax strategy over 5 years.
      I would hazard a guess, there are some people on this board who pay more in taxes than you gross.

      Accusing them of idiotic logic based on sophomoric cliches belies your lack of experience and/or imagination.

      Of course most simpletons that can't handle the complexity of the tax code simply declare those that do as cheats thus preserving their self esteem.

      please carry on.

    • idiot logic once more, if you are making money who cares what the tax rate is. You don't over pay for something just so your taxes are lower. Profit first taxes are second. You got to make money and then worry about your taxes fool. Now if you had options that didnt cost you anything and now their worth a good amount you would maybe short against your position or write calls or buy puts based on cost of course! But the point is that theorically no one puts that kind of money into something without intending on making money a tax deduction is like consolation prize for getting last place or a safety net for at least trying to be productive.

    • Dead money ? Look at two year chart. More than a double.

      Long term opk investors will be rewarded IMHO. Just like the 25 bagger I had with holding onto to Cnu and ignoring the negative posters. Same type of messages were being posted. Besides this is just fun as message boards have very little influence on stock price

      Are you a billionaire?

    • 1. Quote from Seeking Alpha? Any living organism with a pulse can publish/post on Seeking Alpha

      2. The company has several upcoming catalysts for 2012 and 2013? How very detailed and specific author is. What exactly are those catalysts? How will they generate sales/profit? How much money will need to be expended to get to the point of seeing those "upcoming catalysts"?

      3. Who cares how much Frost has been buying? He's purchased a heck of a lot more than 685,000 shares this year, and how has the stock performed? You think maybe the market is telling you something?

      Dead money - enjoy holding the bag.

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