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  • dwoods4q dwoods4q Sep 11, 2012 12:25 PM Flag


    According to Yahoo 53% of float is contolled by insiders who are buying not selling, 20% held by institutions and 23% by shorts, totalling 96%. Frost is buying and has tremendous resources. This is a speculative startup so forget the balance sheet and look at products and pipeline. IMO unless there is something really amiss, with Frost on buying spree I kinda doubt it, we are about to see one helluva short squezze.

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    • Short interest has risen a lot since Feb & seems to have eased a bit over the past month.
      Open Insider website shows Frost buying on an almost daily basis since last year yes he bought more all last week.)
      He's also on the board at Teva who are in acquisition mode.

      I invest 90% of my cash in Value/Growth for the long haul & rarely consider anything too far above book especially when it's in negative earnings territory.

      I do; however; hit the casinos occasionally & this looks like a hot slot so I've bought a tiny bit.
      If it goes away; oh well, it was fun dueing diligence (or what passes for it in my world...)

      Don't put up anything you won't be ticked off at losing & yes I know I spelled dueing wrong; I didn't want to write "do due" for fear of inspiring scatological thoughts on this forum.

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    • dorianpc Sep 12, 2012 10:13 AM Flag

      You get your information from Yahoo.
      You consider OPK a startup.
      Frost buying correlates equally as well with the price china.
      You are accounting for pipeline products that have ZERO impact this year
      You are another desperate gambler hoping for a short squeeze that never comes.

      There are several reasons OPK could still finish even this year, in spite of the 8.25 price target some pumper put on it.

      I am not as negative on OPK as I am with flawed rationalization.

      You should rethink everything you know about this stock

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      • Dorian

        I do believe there will be a short squeeze with opk. Patience is needed with opk IMHO.
        I made over 3000 % having patience with CNU. I will wait it out and make my money.
        Hope CDXC explodes upward. The potential is there.

        Good luck!


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      • Desperate gambler?The man builds companies as witnessed by his past performances. The company is relatively young and attempting to grow with new products, hence startup, etc. The balance sheet will turn as pipeline comes on line. I was merely pointing out a fact regarding the float. I was/am looking at OPK as a speculative investment not as a trade. From your comments you seem very short sighted, perhaps a trader vs investor? Be that as it may, I like the company with a 12-24 month horizon. Stop being so righteous, negative and emotional there two sides to every trade.

    • See where Frost purchased 90,000 shares 9/10/12 along with the 50,000 he purchased 9/7/12.

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