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  • lsddc07 lsddc07 Oct 31, 2012 11:07 AM Flag

    Hmmm OPK

    Well, I doubt that Dr. Frost is buying on margin (his NET worth is $2.3 billion with a B- he can probably lose his investment but would be surprised if it is leveraged. While his past success is no guarantee for future results it at least indicates that he can take a fledgling company and develop it into something much larger. He has somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 million dollars of OPK stock and has been buying more at regular intervals. It just becomes reasonable to think that when someone who already has a ton invested keeps buying more, they must be very confident that they will see their investment appreciate- especially since he is involved with key decision making.

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    • ISDD,At least someone is paying attention.No he is not buying on margin.Saying he is buying on margin is like saying the TITANIC was a small week-end boating accident.The man is probably worth 30% more that he claims to have.He is not the only insider buying if you look it up.With him buying an average of 70 to 80k a day I feel comfortable with my tiny 5k position. Hope you and your kids who have them have a fun,safe and nice Halloween. Take care all. TELLY 2011

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    • Umm. My concerns are hypothetical, but we have seen in the not too distant past that simply relying on the great man is a palliative for anxiety but not necessarily an antidote to risk.

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