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  • j195500000000 j195500000000 Nov 9, 2012 11:43 PM Flag

    This grows off of this...

    And this you can take to the bank, 6.00 next week wait and see.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      All I see is Joe Flaherty wearing that fishing hat in Happy Gilmore laughing when I see your posts.

      But I see OPK down to 4.30-20's in a few days then maybe 4$ to 3.90s(especially if the market gets rough here in the upcoming weeks or from all you Cramer fish that jumped in and start dumping your shares), level off then slowly over the next 6 months climb to the mid 5s.

      I'm sure a lot of ppl that bought the day after that Cramer rant (and there were over 4.7million shares bought up that day when there are usually less than 900,000 traded) dont know what you bought and if this stock sees some rough weather, I could see a lot of ppl running to the exits.

      I joke with you but if your gonna hold for over a year, 4.50s is an ok entry point. but my point was you'd be better off waiting for the Cramer crowd to pass and let it fall some more. And even Cramer in the video says not to get carried away and not to chase. I would tell you to take some time to read up on what OPK is doing and not to get caught up with the hype of what Frost is doing. the guy is a billionaire and the can easily afford the shares that he buys.

      Good luck with this stock, give it some time!

      OOh and keep up the up 25% in a few days post on a nadda news stock! OOh and im glad your not someone that would just buy 1 big block of shares at 1 level and not wait for a pullback buying incrementally. righhhht???? righhhht??? AAAHHHhhhhhhhhhlolololololololol lolololololol Good luck!

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