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  • j195500000000 j195500000000 Dec 5, 2012 1:38 PM Flag

    Time to look at CYCC...

    better get started, don,t be late to the party.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • If you werent in that one at $4 you are very late to the party. I also do not trust anything that Scott Matusow pumps. I do not trust him, he just pumps stuff without giving anything negative or what could go wrong with one of his pump investment ideas. I also dont like it when he says "I dont own the stock, its in a trust for my dad" or whatever he tells his audience. the bottom line is he has an interest in the stock that he's pumping and he writes those stupid articles to beginner biotech investors that would believe anything sending his holdings to the moon.

      If there was anyone the SEC needed to investigate it would be him. stay away from anything he hypes, there are plenty of other stocks out there.

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      • Well, I don't know who Scott Matusow is (apparently I am blessed), but I do know that CYCC opened at 5.39 on 12/3 and closed at 7.59 on 12/5 (that would be today, and that would be 40.8% in 3 days). Certainly some traders sold over 8 bucks as CYCC hit a 52week high at 8.18.

        Not sure what it takes in your world to be a good trade, but that certainly makes it in mine.

        As for investors, Sunday comes the AML trial results. Pretty obvious that early info out there appears to be very good. One would have to actually read the PR's and the more informed comments on the message board to get the feel of it.

        Or, you could buy a "small" amount of IMUC and close your eyes and hold your nose for a year and see what happens. Different strokes for different folks, and so on and so on.

        Might want to look into Steve Rosenman's record of predictions.

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