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  • toonawish toonawish Dec 11, 2012 3:00 PM Flag

    TEVA & OPK?

    Nice presentation by TEVA today.

    The question for us is do they see value in OPK's portfolio of products?


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    • Even thought Dr. Frost is very connected to TEVA- I don't see them being as much of a fit for a down the road type of buyout. While anything is possible- I think TEVA still has its core compentency of producing generic brand pharmaceuticals. IMO- someone like a Johnson & Johnson or GE Healthcare would find more appeal in Opko's diagnostic products and pharma products as it fits their broader/diversified healthcare portfolio.

      All speculation at this point. Just hoping for some positive results and increased cash flow in the near term.

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      • On 2nd thought you may be correct.

        TEVA could be a potential customer 4 some of OPKO API's but as to buyouts; TEVA's recent conference call shows them going into organic growth mode by combining existing meds & offering delivery methods to encourage disciplined use of meds by patients (apparently people don't take their meds correctly unless there are simpler/less dosages.)

        They've also stated that the large acquisitions of years past will stop as they've fragmented research efforts (they will focus more on a higher margin pipeline with a neuro & respiratory being of primary interest.)

        I can't believe they would ignore oncology but...

        Either way; I only go long on companies with long term stories & healthcare is definitely a long term story.

        Markets may move them up & down in the near term which can be a distraction but...

        I know all this belongs on the TEVA board but what the hey; maybe the $10B TEVA has tagged for acquisition of small & med caps & licensing will spread to OPK at least in the form of increased revenue.

        Too bad I only have limited knowledge about the companies I invest in huh Bob?

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    • Okay. I've read the first response to your query. It's not what I would have said. you know WHO is the Chairman of the BoD of Teva? Do you know his relationship to the Chairman of the BoD (not to mention the CEO) of OPK?

      As unlikekly as it seems, you do not. Else why would you question whether the Chmn of the BoD of TEVA "sees any value" in OPK.

      Moreover, who does not see "any value" in OPK? I do. Don't you? I am not more "clued in" to what OPK is doing than..........well......anybody (except maybe you).

      You know, you ask a stupid question; you get stupid answers. Do you think TEVA biggies know that their Chairman is also the Chairman of OPK? Wow, huh?

      And what are the odds that TEVA knows what OPK is doing? Or, the converse...what are the odds that OPK knows what TEVA is doing? Big mystery for sure.

      But, for you, and for all of the others who are itching for a buyout in the next month, 3 months, 6 months or a year..........fuggedaboutit. Frost will sell. He will sell when the machine is up and ruining. He is not buying stock in the open market for a measly 3 or 5 banger. And he didn't go through this exercise to take the company private. It was private before he created it. He didn't pay beancounters to satisfy SEC rules (which costs number in the several millions of dollars) just to do what he could have done years ago.

      I am frequently numbed, blown away, by the level of "common sense" (or lack thereof) displayed by supposedly informed posters on this board. But, of course, that is just biz as usual in these places. Makes me want to create a web site to instruct many of these people as to how to that.

      So, to summarize....ya, TEVA sees value in OPK. Most people do.

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      • 1st off Phillip Frost IS the Chairman of the board.
        2nd I obviously DO see value in OPKO or I wouldn't be long.
        3rd Frost knows what OKP & TEVA are both doing.

        If you'd pull your head out of your rump you'd be able to breath better...

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      • LOL!! I do try to edit my own posts. Sometimes I fail. Sometimes with interesting results.
        " He will sell when the machine is up and ruining." I'm sure I meant to type "running."

        But "ruining" is interesting as Freudian slips go. Frost is most certainly going to be "ruining" a whole bunch of short guys (as in the sense of "ruining" a virgin bride...if you get my drift). :-}

    • Where can we find the presentation you speak of?

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