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  • dontdropyourlunch dontdropyourlunch Jan 9, 2013 2:57 PM Flag

    Growth with dilution

    Without products to sell right now, acquiring other companies or products will require Opko Health either to raise money by selling stock to the public or to offer treasury stock the seller of the product/company. I understand that and accept that issue for further growth of Opko.

    I just wonder if the strategy for Opko has changed with this Phase III drug deal. I owned Opko for the novel diagnostic product and the building of medical tests to use with that diagnostic product. Now Frost is buying a company with two phase III drugs that might get FDA approval. Are these drugs speculative? Are they a sure thing?

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    • I would suggest you not invest in a Pharma company. While these drugs are in Phase III, that does not mean they will be approved. I would think Dr. Frost mad esure the DD was completed and must have showed the high possiblity of both products being approved. He used this same approach at IVAX.

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      • Oh don't worry about me and pharma or healthcare stocks. I have been in and out of alny, gern, rtix, achn, thor, and many more over time. I was just curious about the change in strategy Frost just did. I appreciate your input about IVAX, and I read a lengthy history of IVAX up to 2003. Then I read about the Teva buyout of IVAX in 2006. I see what Frost does, and I understand how he likes to do deals in lots of areas of healthcare. It will be really good if these two phase III drugs are approved -- for cash flow, etc. I have owned OPK since May 2012, but I did not know All the IVAX history and Frost.

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