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  • mjl500 mjl500 Jan 26, 2013 8:01 PM Flag

    Consider this about Dr. Frost

    Pure speculation: Dr. Frost is 76 yrs old. How is his health? What happens if he's health is in decline or worst, how will this company stand on its own, especially its stock?

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      How is your MENTAL HEALTH??

    • be carefull as you step off the curb yapping on your cell phone, you dont want to get run over by Dr. Frost Driving his Limo

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    • yeah Billionaire Dr. Frost is just 76, ..Billionaire Sumner Redstone of VIACOM/CBS is 89 he probably wont invite a Youngster like Dr. Frost to his 90th Birthday Party.

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      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Instant Karma's going to get you, gonna knock you off your feet.

      Aside from the wisdom of John, you maybe should know a little about the Frost genes.

      Personally, being somewhat of an old fart, having outlived all of my faimily, I find you to be contemptable. And for all you know, my dear asinine brother, you could die tomorrow.

      Difference is, if Frost did, many charitable organizations would mark the, not so much.

      You said it, you wear it. And welcome to my ignrore bin. And as you go, you should maybe consider that the brilliance of Frost has made plans for succession. What have you done?

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      • Still attracting more and more 'instant experts', despite the boards major internal malfunction fits. Frosty still knows bio-theraputics, pharmaceutical administration, and thanks to the years he served as chairman of the American Stock Exchange, securities and their markets.

        His long professional career as a practicing dermatologist means he still has 'some skin in the game'. BTW that article in the Miami Herald two weeks ago was a pretty good review of his record. The only thing I noticed was an error in the Key markets. The rocket product was the Nitroglycerine patch for heart patients. In the 1970s every foreward looking drug company recognized the value of having a low dose long acting delivery system for Nitro. The two main problems were making the patch stay on (The sidewalks on Collins Avenue were paved with involuntary nitro-patch discards) and the release of a closely controlled amount of the medication. Variations of the amount of Nitro would send heart rates soaring or plumeting. All of the majors had a failure, or very limited success in this new major market, even Syntex, developer of 'The Pill' and major promoter of smaller amounts of meds, more precisely delivered.

        It was Frost's expertise in this field that was the birth of the Transdermal Patchdrug delivery system. IVAX was generally a continuation of research into drug innovations that worked and generics that were as good as the original.

        Don't use the boards that much anymore, at 80+, time is too precious to waste on most of the tomfoolery perpetrated here. Hope you and the better half have shaken off the snow-birds revenge.


    • kane.charlie Jan 26, 2013 8:41 PM Flag

      God bless Dr. Frost, but this BABY, can walk,all by Herself. Dr. Frost has set OPKO up, in sections of the Pharma business. This is Brilliance in the making. Once again, God bless Dr. Frost!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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