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  • archieroo3 archieroo3 Feb 27, 2013 4:54 PM Flag

    OPK TA

    RSI on weekly chart still strong but RSI on all other time frames looking bearish short-term - see daily, 3 days, 60 min, 30 min etc.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Happens alot on consoladation days,always rebounds,you can't really trade OPK TA wise and expect it to follow the lagging inticators as I've found out by selling to soon %90 of the time.Follow BB's and keep an order in below when you want to add or re-enter as they spike it often also.I've placed my bet already on 8 calls and have a group who love OPKO to continue to stair step up for many months to years.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Wait a minute. Let me fix that post for you.

        "you can't really trade OPK TA wise and expect it to LEAD the lagging inticators"

        Or maybe: you can't really trade OPK TA wise and expect it to follow the LEADING indicators."

        You see problem #1 is something can't FOLLOW something BEHIND it. (I suppose if one had a gun pointed at them, and if one was using sloppy syntax, one could possibly "follow.") You'd have to admit that abusing the Queen's English.

        Problem #2 is how long is your list of "LEADING" indicators? Maybe ONE? Maybe NONE?

        Here's the problem: indicators are derivatives of price, volume and, in the rarest instances, time. Their main function (value) is to confirm or call into question the movements of price. Given a certain limited number of indicators and enough time using them, one can fairly accurately know what the indicators are showing, without even looking at them, if one just looks at price and volume. Which brings us to divergences. And there is the highest and best use of indicators. Set the window of an indicator too long, and you get behind the moves. Set it too short, and you get whipsawed. You went all nuts about the Aroon. How's that worked for you? Dawn's early light turns out to be the dawning of recognition that the search for the holy graille of indicators marches on. Better to get used to a few that you understand, learn how to read them for divergences, recognize that divergences are a "soft" buy/sell signal, and, in time, learn to heed and to ignore them according to your very own precious brain (most people call it gut). FWIW

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