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  • auhottie auhottie Apr 10, 2013 2:47 PM Flag

    I'm exiting my short. I can't compete with Frost's buying

    I don't understand what Dr. Phil has in store for this stock, but I'm not going to fight it. I thought the businesses were rag tag--but really, how would I know? I haven't been in their labs, I haven't had any discussions with their partners around the globe, and no one right now can say for sure, whether the products will be a success or not.

    That being said--It looks as though the shorts on this stock, have been trying to force the stock down with innuendo. I was in that same camp. I just didn't get it. But what do I know? The only one that should really, really know more than anyone else is Dr. Frost.

    And what is he doing? He continues to buy. So that means either two thinks--at least according to the shorts. 1) Either the stuff OPK has is so good, that Frost will continually put $ into this name or 2) Frost is engaging in a campaign to "get the shorts" and with this senility, is throwing his money down the toilet.

    Well, what we really do is that shortsellers, think very highly of themselves and of their so called detective work. So really who is right? The shortsellers? I don't think so.

    We have only seen this unsuccessful billionaire buying, like this with Aremisoft (buying my Jacobs) and with Sumner Redstone with Midway Gaming.

    Does anyone really honestly think that Opko is in this category? That isn't a prudent bet.

    I think a safer bet is what happened to JEFF when the stock got crushed down to around 10 in November of 2011, after MF Global went kerplunk. Rumors of all sort of problems were spread by shortsellers saying JEFF had this huge soverign bond exposure. None of it was true, and insiders bought JEFF stock like cray. It's largest shareholder eventually bought them out.

    So I'm not short, and now, I'm rooting for the longs. I'd rather see a business succeed than one fail---so good luck longs.

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