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  • msolofl msolofl May 17, 2013 11:03 PM Flag

    As I said last week ( Hugh loss expected) Its necessary !

    I'm a large corporate accountant , there is no way that this would not occur.
    Pac Man growth costs money, and when sales start kicking in( The Mop will go to work on the floor)
    I like the hit, quick and large in 1 qtr. 3 more qtrs should be it...

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    • After you lose money shorting this stock, maybe you should lose some weight so you won't be so large.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Ut oh, you've done it now. You have awakened the demon that scans grammar and spelling. You have been sent to the corner with your nose against the wall. Lol. Keeps the board fun when it's not bumped endlessly.

      Debits by the window and credits by the door.

    • I'm sorry about you're being fat. Good thing you have some accounting skills (even if it's just bookkeeping.)

      The other thing that's probably keeping you from advancing in your job is your lack of basic education. For instance, unless your subject above addresses the fact that somebody by the name of Hugh is expected to lose something (his keys?, his wife? a bet on the NBA Western Conference finals?) perhaps you were meaning to say "huge." Say it out loud "Heewww-udge." Huge. What you spelled was some guy's name "HUGH'." Say it out loud "Heewww." Like in Hugh Grant, the actor.

      But, dammit, it's nice to know that fat bookkeepers can still get employment with even the most trivial, inconsequential company without even a high school education.

      Hmmm. Or is it?

      Dufus. Best go back and get your G.E.D.

      • 1 Reply to icemandios
      • I am glad that brain caught that. It only centered on finding something this small. That would be your "
        brain output searching for this level. A typing error is something you found more important.
        I'm sure as I was doing other things while typing , I dd not check my spelling.
        Tell me Mr. Big mouth, When would you like to discuss the 10-k report, maybe on this message board you could ask Daddy what all the Accounting means going forward. Or are you busy with your
        " Spelling B " at school. ( I think you are the smartest individual online, and one that criticizes and
        find things wrong with others because you dont like yourself. Good day KID !

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