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  • burnaka Sep 18, 2013 4:58 PM Flag

    Kynikos renowned short guru on CNBC, we are admonished to never short on value ( market cap )

    see Tesla, Netflix. Opko's value is the pipeline, future earnings, shorts have trouble valuing that, but they can figure the obvious, eps, current revenue, market cap, and compare it to stocks like K, GM, F, KRFT, GIS.

    Opko trades in line with it's sector as far as value, with a massive discount to future earnings potential. As these items come on line, opko's market cap will double. 4k could get us there, a TV ad for the test would be nice.

    It is coming, so is that final upgrade, we now have two, I would like new coverage, GS would be nice.

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    • I am still content with my position established in June-July 2009 at a buck and a half!
      As far as I'm concerned. all the expert 'rail birds' like Krazy Kramer and his mimics missed the first lesson in investing, Find value, have patience, stay rich!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Exactly. Like I have said, I can see not buying the stock for various reasons but to actually go short just does not make much sense. A one trick pony they are not. There is so much happening with this company one slice of positive news and the stock could literally double overnight.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • burnaka Sep 18, 2013 7:24 PM Flag

        Athalon, funny but Kynikos said that same thing!!!! He said valuation concerns is a reason to " NOT GO LONG " but not a reason to short. A stock can stay over valued for years see Amazon. He is the guy a year or so back said he was short Hewlitt because of macro conditions dealing with the PC.

        Opko is at the whole other end of that spectrum, conditions at opko have DRAMATICALLY improved year over year, revenue doubled, pipeline doubled, 4k minor EU launch, US in under 3 months, Citicoline marketing approval about 6 weeks, etc...

        We are in the EARLY innings, late innings, or the END GAME, will be interesting.

    • Burn

      Nice post! We have a winner here. I put most of the $5.50 crowd on ignore.
      They make no sense. Back in 2008 i posted shorts would get crushed when
      Opk was under $2. Wonder how those shorts are doung now?


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      • burnaka Sep 18, 2013 5:19 PM Flag

        I remember two names from back in that time frame, or in the 3-4 window, Dorianpc, and stewartcreek, both were the 5.50 crowd of their year, or two, both hung tough, and folded down over 25%. It is a matter of time. To think opko will never develop the 9 items in the pipeline is as foolish as thinking opko will hang forever in the single digits, with ALL the time in the world to cover.

        If opko is not a teenager by year end 2014 I will sell, and I plan on owning until 2016, to usher in 30.

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