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  • sertdery sertdery Sep 20, 2013 6:26 PM Flag



    I have spent the last 1 1/2 hour doing due diligence on this. I have very good news all around. When the 9/30/13 Institutional 13F forms are filed I believe that you will see that Menora Mivtachim Holdings Ltd. sold it's entire position at the close today. That transaction would give them a short term capital gain of 2,922,873. They had an 18% return on a holding period of about 4 months. That is an annualized return of approx. 54%. Menora Mivtachim Holdings Ltd trades on the Tel Aviv Exchange under the stock symbol MMHD. They are an insurance company that dabbles Investments and Lending as well. I can't fault them for taking that kind of profit on a short term investment,

    What I am impressed with is that the buyer PAID UP for that block in today's market. That buyer believes that $19,131,783 is a good price for 2,283,100 shares of OPK. I share that belief. I believe this particular 2.28M block buyer is the same buyer that bought 10's of thousands on Jan 10 - 2014 calls recently.

    THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS. Since I believe the seller has been identified I can rest assured that the NYSE specialist and/or the MM's did not supply that block out of inventory, or even worse SHORT the block. You saw how the NYSE specialist leaned on OPK this morning after supplying the 274K block on the $8.45 open. Can you imagine what would have happened if the 2.28M share WHALE block was shorted.

    Bottom line is that we have had a virtually bottomless safety net of demand for the 103 million shares in the 5 weeks (24 trading days excluding Labor Day) since OPK has broken and close above $8.00 on August 19th (and never looked back or dropped below $8.00 again). Talk about money flow and accumulation.

    I am ALL IN at 100%, and I will be spending all weekend trying to figure a way to go in 110% now. LOL

    Strong Buy is an understatement in here.

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    • Thanks sert for the research and information. I have been talking to a poster on this board for weeks and he has been telling me the same thing about the Jan 14 calls.

    • Thank you for sharing your due diligence and thorough research. I also intend to go "all-in"! I am now at 60% of the desired position. As a recent purchaser, my average is high (close to market now). I like the story a lot. Thank you for your insights. Have a nice week end..

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      • holycowitsterrific holycowitsterrific Sep 20, 2013 7:02 PM Flag

        Sert, your DD is bountiful and your research is never ending. I do my own DD before any investment but your input is well appreciated and I thank you for it. I wish we could have more mobility on this message board so we can find these chats with you and the rest of the more responsible posters rather than those rapid fire immature posters who really enjoy making it difficult for us to read these pages. I wish you continued success in your investing and again thanks for you input.

    • trade56 Sep 20, 2013 7:54 PM Flag

      Sert, ditto, your input and research is extremely well done and much appreciated.
      i have been trading and investing for over 3o years. You are 1 of very few over the years who i actually look forward to reading your insight. i have done very well trading opk. and currently holding many- many shares and some options for the long haul.
      thanks again

    • Very impressive Sert! I am seeing many shares transferring from 'weaker' to stronger hands during this consolidation period. With almost 100 shares traded over the past month or half the 200 million 'available' shares soon the price to acquire shares will go much higher over time. All of the shorts are in trouble along the way, which could result in a quick spike in price at anytime. With news coming over the next few months sky is the limit! Jan 15 options is everyone's best bet to control huge amounts of stock!

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    • Excellent and informative post. I look forward to what next week and next month brings. Have a good weekend.

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    • Interesting stuff Sert. I also want to point out that the technical picture is starting to look good again. After tapering down in a consolidation region over the last few weeks, price has now come to a major support line, connecting the valleys in June, August and today's low. Combine this with oversold indicators and it's really ripe for another leg up.

      So we've got a couple of bullish pieces of evidence here. Thanks for the post.

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      • This is a complicated chart until you simplify it to Fibonacci levels. At this point we are at the 10percent retracement of the prior swing. This is not unbeatable but it will be as close to it as possible if this goes to 8.21 it would be an exact hit and a great place for shorts to book. It is a very heavy buy signal at that point. The triggers have not kicked in yet but that could change in the first five minutes Monday morn. Then I predict we zoom nicely to 1.272. I can't make it more accurate sorry. Professor Frost has set these triggers at every turn it this one is different it would be critical and a major shift. He won't let it happen. $8.21 and lift off forget most trendlines this is a flat base but retracement and timing are in the stars. Shorts are taking a huge risk by testing this number.

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    • Dont know if your right but it got you and your fans 30 Thumbs down from the Shorties , Those folks are ANGRY , Boy are they gona have a sleepless lousey Loooooong weekend , , LOL :)

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    • Fine job sert. Looks like you hit a nerve with the paid bashing criminals as well. That is an extra bonus. I appreciate your resolve.

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      • Sert, You have been thanked and complimented by most of the Opko brain trust who recognize your contribution. I hope you have that common criminal that stalks you on ignore. FWIW, if you ever want to pursue charges against that MB flasher, I will contribute $10,000.00 to a legal fund. From what I have observed you can swear out criminal counts as well as civil. I will pay $5,000.00 bounus if you go after him criminally. Think about it. My offer is without an expiration date.

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    • Sert

      I agree with chip. Fine job
      You hit a nerve


    • Sert thanks again for your due diligence. I also would like to find a diligent way to acquire a larger position in OPK. I have 70% shares and 30% options now and it's very profitable. I'm considering selling some shares to buy more Calls with that capital, thereby increasing my position without actually adding more money to the investment. I currently have Oct's, Dec's, Jan 2014's and Jan 2015's, in the money and out of the money. The buyer and the general accumulation that you describe above does reiterate my confidence in OPK. So I'm considering increasing my position with more Jan $10 2014's (as the buyer above), and Jan $10 2015's for a little more safety. Both the Jan $10 2014's and Jan $10 2015's have the largest open interest and they are now priced below what the big buyers paid. So hopefully we're following smart money here and at a discount. Shares are safer, but you obviously get more bang for your buck with options, if you're accurate. If we are above $11 by Jan 2014 it will be a great ROI for everyone. Shareholder insight is always welcome. With Frost buying again and bouncing off the $8.26 range multiple times now... Looking forward to a strong week next week!

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