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  • lilpimpinmf lilpimpinmf Oct 11, 2013 12:24 AM Flag

    Fools will sell tomorrow because of what Cramer said because

    he did NOT mention OPK, and in fact, the ones he mentioned he made a point to note that they are one trick ponys. NPSP doesn't even have more than about 2 drugs, and Cramer even said it doesn't even have at this time another drug imminent in its pipeline.

    When talking about taking profits in NPSP he said they only have ONE drug on the market, and there is NOTHING imminent in the Company's PIPELINE. And, the ones he is recommending to sell he said DO NOT HAVE MULTIPLE PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET, like REGN (which Cramer recently compared OPK to) which have multiple wonder drugs in their pipeline. And, even the ones he is saying to take some profits he said he is not saying they are going to go down.

    FDA roulette applies WAY MORE to one trick pony biotech stocks which Cramer has even overwhelmingly conceded that OPK is NOT!

    The ones he mentioned have all the parameters that OPK does not. Anyone who sells out of OPK because they interpreted Cramer to be also talking about OPK, which he was clearly NOT, are going to be sorry. I'm sure the shorts try to spin it in their favor with OPK because they are so desperate right now.

    Sorry, but OPK is NOT a one trick pony. And, just like they said in the shareholder's meeting that I heard for myself personally--in the trial OPK has ALREADY obtained a much HIGHER PERCENTAGE of success with Rayaldy than the FDA required to be approved.

    If weaklings do sell out tomorrow I will be buying more. OPK has NOT gone up near much since Cramer was recommending it on his show like those others have that he talked about. Cramer first started talking about OPK back in 2011 when it was int he $5 range, and he was still recommending it in the $7 and $8 range recently.

    It should be clear that Cramer was NOT talking about OPK, and you didn't hear him one time include OPK in the long list of those that were up 300+% this year to take profits on.

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    • I'm sure that's why Frost is continuing to buy in the $9 range too because he expects everyone to sell out and the stock to plummet.

      Yea right. He become a multi billionaire by investing over a 1/3 of his net worth into a company, let alone his company, and then losing it, right?


    • lilp - nice to see an investor actually listen to the whole thing - he has left OPK out of any reasons to sell & my take is that the other biotech longs that lighten up will be looking for a new home for their money and OPK is an obvious choice. Some one will gripe about getting out of OPK too soon to him in a few days & he will point out the he gave no reference to OPK as a lighten up candidate.
      He was very specific on Wed that biotechs needed another 2 day correct so don't buy yet - this is one of his, " My buddies are short the IBB & BBH EFTs and need to get out so don't buy for 2 days - and he works for the small guy - ya right. The only time stocks mean anything on Mad Money is when he has a top notch CEO on the show.
      What a set up - I just hope OPK can open lower sd I will fill my option buck with more calls.
      GL ALL!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Junior, excellent and accurate interpretation, You have a knack for reading and interpreting between the lines.

        I am sure the person (s) with the over 58,000 OI $10 January 2014 options know something. I know that's inside stuff is not supposed to go on, right? LMAO the SEC will ensure the little guys that stuff doesn't go on, lol, yea right!

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