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  • vix1830 vix1830 Jul 30, 2014 6:05 AM Flag

    BUY SIDE HEDGE AND POOLS ARE BACK "Rope A Dope(s) the Shorts- Short Case well Documented Epic Fail by BURNANKA

    OPKO is the Shorts "Black Hole", They are being pulled in by Frost, Soros et al Investment Bankers; the PPS goes up a bit in the last few mornings drawing the Zombie Short victims to the light then the buy side players start taking their money. As Burnanka very eloquently explained... " Google lakewood and opko. The author does a great job showing the historical acquisitions Dr. Frost has made, then makes the claim they are all worthless. Lakewood started shorting in the 4's well over two years ago and has held on to and adjusted his thinking to align with his underwater position. He averaged up for sure, and even held some LONG shares to hedge his losses. Read carefully, he distorts and lacks understanding of the drug Rayaldee completely. He equates it to an over the counter vitamin. He thinks the drug is in competition with the other drugs in the kidney dialysis arena. He is basically clueless about the drug but makes it a center point of his thesis. Those not taking the time to thoroughly research Rayaldee will take the Lakewood spew at face value. He makes claims also about Rolapitant, how little Frost paid, ignoring future royalties Opko owes, and claims the drug will fail Phase 3, It is going to the FDA next month. He also discounts the Claros device, 4k test claiming they will never go to market. Phase 3 was a success, and Opko is still working on the roll out. He glosses over the other tests in the pipeline, and dismisses the orphan drugs like hgh as meaningless too. Heck anyone of those could do a Billion in sales without Rayaldee, 4k, etc.

    Current revenue grew 100% y/y to 100m, by late 2016 Opko will have 4 blood tests, Rolapitant, Rayaldee,
    and top line data for hgh. Revenue will be over 1Billion., pt 28-32. No big spike in revenue, steady growth as each item comes on line, items Lakewood claims are worthless. So Bozza VS Frost-Soros, we will see who wins that one." Burnanka

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • burnaka Jul 30, 2014 11:27 AM Flag

      A bear like LW making a strong case is done to suit his position, and a bull taking the opposite position does the same. It was obvious to anyone with any research on Rayaldee that LW had no idea what thef he was talking about regarding that drug. Everything else aside, ask yourself this, who is more likely to have the best research team in the world. A man like Buffet, Uncle Carl, a man like Soros, or some kid named Bozzo. I am not even including Dr. Frost here, but since Soros grew his position q/q by 75%, is backing Dr. Frost with his money, I am betting he knows way more than Bozzo, WAY MORE. He likely understands Rayaldee for starters, lol, an item where Bozzo failed, or distorted to bail his fund out in the hit piece. In fact, lol, SOROS took out his position after having FULL ACCESS to the BOZZA research, what's that tell you. Nothing, if you have blinders on and know you are right. He sure plays a mean pinball.

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