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  • vix1830 vix1830 Aug 15, 2014 3:40 PM Flag

    Options $.05 or more automatically excersized. Another OE manipulation. Ringing register on calls

    Nothing to see here ...move along. Just doing their best to finish off the Long open Call suckers once again. I was a Option Principal Series 4 for 20 years. Seen this sooo many times. Taking the 9 and 10 s money AGAIN. My guess is we move up sharply next week. There is a 160 contract Bull credit Spread at Sep $14/15 to collect on next. Go spread or go home. I believe this is gamma neutral / stock shorts playin the game. Sell short /sell calls Out of money / buy (long) in the money call is the position that has been unwinding here for months. If the options market closed tomorrow we'd all be better off.

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    • What I understand about options could be shoved up an ant's #$%$ and it would rattle around like a BB in a boxcar. But I have long held that options are an artificial impediment to wealth accumulation (at least where we retail bumpkins are concerned).
      Once knew a gal who was pretty good at daytrading/swing trading who got involved with options. She tried to get me interested, and when I said I wasn't, she said "I thought you might like to know how to make huge profits."

      Ya, well, she ain't around anymore. Options are bad enough, but there's a slug of stocks and ETF/ETN's that have WEEKLY options. Weekly options rank #2 (right behind HFT) as the worst market idea ever.

      You said it best when you said "if the options market closed tomorrow, we'd all be better off. "

      Preach on, Brother!

    • marcus81184 Aug 19, 2014 10:33 AM Flag

      Great post.

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    • Great post. Yours may be the best one I have ever read. Hope will keep us informed.

    • Meant 160k 160,000 contracts at 14/15 put/call credit spread. That is a potential 16,000,000 shares in play if it were to break out of the spread net credit. Looks like shortie does not like his trading strategy exposed to the light. If the long call specs would just buy the stock, hell use margin, instead this thing would take off like a rocket. They will keep jackin it up and down taking their money. Meanwhile the billionaires let shortie work this game so they can accumulate cheap. The game is the big boys game. The fools are the swing traders and option jockeys . The trading desks laugh at the peons buying their single ticket opening positions, trust me. Only the spread, straddle and writers make big money. An overwhelming majority of long one sided open positions (put or call) lose money to the seller(writer). Think about it , llook up the minimum account equity and margin requirement and account paperwork in order to write naked puts or spreads. Then know that someone with a money order and a brokerage account can buy a freakin call LMFAO... Like I said close the option market down and the playing field will be a lot better for the small investor, until then it's a killing field.

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    • Mark

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    • hey vix, can you do me a favor and say this again and dumb it down for me. I see the large call and put positons on the 14's and 15's for Sept. Who would be doing this and how are they going to make money on this trade. In a bit of non technical english please.

      If I understand correctly someone is buying the cheap 14 and 15 strike calls and then selling the 14 and 15 puts. Is that accurate. The goal hopefully is the stock goes to $11, the puts can be bought back for a 50% or more gain on the $6 collected and the cheap calls go up rapidly. Is that the trade or do I have this all wrong?

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      • 1 Reply to belkin2468
      • You got it! Who's doing this you ask. My guess. The same HF that sold short down from 12,11 10, 9. Then in the 8s They buy In the money calls and sell at a multiple ratio out of the money calls. this is called a variety of things like ratio writes, Technically it is gamma-delta neutral option spread. I found a lengthy but complete explanation for you on Investopedia google an introduction to gamma delta neutral. They hold these positions a week or two, rinse / repeat. The thing that makes it all possible though is.... Long option call speculators. the cannon fodder for the whole operation, because they have to be able to ratio- write out of the money. So story stocks, that are fundamentally long term trend up are perfect for this. It takes months before the lemmings (call specs)are exhausted. I saw it most recently last year in GTAT. They shorted it same option activity. i bot GTAT at $4 and got out at 9. The pumpers are also part of the shorts game here too. Hope this helped. i think the smoke is clearing. These are very sophisticated traders. i just watch the stock wait for the dip to level off and buy and hold the stock. usually at least a year or two is the lifespan of these guys position play.

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