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  • uet816 uet816 Oct 28, 2010 12:09 AM Flag

    PUMP & DUMP!!

    All those scam artist penny stock pick people are pushing this one. I got the email at 10:16am (eastern time) SUBJECT: "POTENTIAL RECORD SETTING WINNER!!" It was already up around 100% long before they told everyone about it. They will sell all of their shares in the next day or so and it will bomb since they bought the shares causing it to go up in the first place. Save your $$$$!!!!

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    • All you retard shorts are scurring around like cockroaches. I love all deserve to be toasted. Wrong move to be shorting again. Double the pain !!! You scumbags are so transparent.

    • These people stole $280k form me.....RObert Aubel is the IR person...his Brother David is a professional con man who met with me and brought me into CHLO....and the stock tanked and did a 40 for 1 reverse split and went down $.04...I lost everything...
      MacIntosh and Naylor were the principles of SVSE.PK and AAPH.OB
      There are warnings posted everywhere.....If you do not heed these warnings then it is your own fault!!!! Get out and protect whatever you have left.....if you want to assist in a federal case....share your facts with me...maybe we will recover some of our losses...and maybe these people will be brought to justice...where they belong.

    • People just don't seem to understand that these penny stock publications are paid to pump POS stocks, and they are paid with shares of stock. They then promote the crap out of these turds, and then dump their shares and make a bunch of money in the process. This stock will tank, sooner or later, it is just a matter of time.I tried to short this thing today, but my broker doesn't allow it on this type of stock. What a shame, cause this POS is going down.

    • I agree, but it doesn't seem to be slowing down....

    • Yeah, I got the same email from penny stock around 10:30. I could have bought at $1.10 but i know better that they scam. Watch and see the shorts move in the morning. If they had balls, why don't they post the nite before or at the open before the action starts! scum bags!

    • Agreed! At least someone here has a Freaking brain.