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  • eight.ball63 Nov 11, 2012 6:09 PM Flag

    ***Lambert Private Equity***

    News release Sept 12, 2012:

    "CHAMA TECHNOLOGAES INC. (CHAMA) announced today that it has signed a Special Private Placement Agreement (SPPA) for USD $50,000,000 of equity line funding with Lambert Private Equity LLC (LAMBERT). The terms give CHAMA the right to increase the amount of the equity line funding up to $200,000,000, at CHAMA's discretion."

    Investors are relying on Chama to invest $15,000,000 in HPGS to relieve its creditors. In turn Chama is relying on Lambert to back end finance the entire deal. I've looked at the Lambert website and I have serious concerns this party cannot fund this deal especially since this company didn't bother to register in California, its home state, and Chama is its only posted deal. I'm pretty sure that to broker a deal this large, they need to at least register the company. I guess we'll see pretty soon.

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