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  • viagravation viagravation Mar 26, 2002 9:08 AM Flag

    Hardly a Blip on the Radar Screen

    The multi-state group purchasing deal is likely inconsequential. If you read the news release carefully (not something that I would expect of either horsey or FART), you will note that the customer objectives are to (1) retain the rebates and (2) negotiate with the drug companies.

    So the bad news is that the customer will take the profit margin (rebates) and meddle in the pharmaceutical relations function. Looks to me like ESRX is desperate to replace lost lives with whatever kind of business they can get.

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    • I have owned this stock since 2 months after the original public offering. All shorts have big gonads to short this one. My original purchase has grown to several thousand shares and I would suggest shorts get aboard for the continued increase in value thats in progress.

      P.S. do your self a favor and check the historic growth history.

      No response is necessary, and will not get a response.

    • Yeah, Enron looked like a good investment at one time too, didn't it! Ah, the clarity of hindsight!

    • Maybe I'm just naive, but the current strength seems like a reasonable reation to the upgrade to investment grade for their debt.

      This seems pretty positive to me.

    • I agree. It is amazing how much dumb money is chasing this one at the top. I still stand by my comments, however, in the sense that the multi-state deal is clearly poor-quality business and an attempt to fuel the top-line revenue that has been driving the perceived value of this company for years. OaklawnFART can joke all he wants about "making it up on volume" -- when this one runs out of gas, it will be left on the road dead.

      As I said before, I am happy for those who have profited from this stock in the past. My caution is to not fall in love with it (this advice is not intended for horsey or FART who are obviously in love with it; are ignorant; are fools; or all of the above).

    • Honey, why don't you join us here at our beloved ESRX??? The amount of time that you've spent here saying bad things about our beloved ESRX, YOU COULD BE CLOSE TO A DOUBLE BAGGER.Instead of buying our bel;oved ESRX you bought that POS "CURE" and got your hind end roasted by those sharpies!!! come with us and you,Art and myself can wave the pom poms.

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      • I made 90+ percent in about four months on CURE, old buddy. So let's just set the record straight on that. Point is that I didn't fall in love with that stock the way that you and FART have apparently fallen in love with ESRX. I am happy for you that you have had a sustained run with this one -- but this POS is pressing the bubble.

        The multi-state contract you and FART have been raving about is just one example. This company has survived by internal growth and acquisition. Both those sources are drying up and they are going after crappy business like the multi-state deal. Their margins -- already razor-thin -- are disappearing and they are going after business like this?

        Thanks for the invitation to join you and FART. I am choosy about the stocks I own. I am even more picky about the people I hang out with . . . a big "no" to your offer on both counts.

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