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  • skyhigh_o1 skyhigh_o1 Jan 4, 2013 5:58 PM Flag

    ►►Interesting week for BOSC starting Jan. 7◄◄

    The NASDAQ Regulation SHO list includes BOSC... short numbers will be released publicly on Thursday the 10th after 4 P.M. This confirms longs that you placed a correct bet and that only manipulative shorts took down BOSC. If the SEC wanted to clean up the NASDAQ all shorting would be disallowed. Even the non "Naked Shorting" has a dilution like effect since multiple people think they own the same shares.

    The good news to the manipulative shorting is that now that BOSC is on the Regulation SHO list the buying to cover will start taking place. The stronger longs now buying will facilitate the "buying to cover". Buying to cover also moves the stock price higher especially in low floats. I would advise new longs to keep bids on both the NASDAQ and ARCA routes near the close and open to #1 get nice fill prices and #2 prevent closes like today (Friday) where it trades higher all day then a few hundred shares slip in a low sell because no sizable bids show on both routes blocking the shorts action. Think about it, BOSC traded lower on the close with little efforts on the shorts part and you could have bought those scarce shares cheap. Use "no show" NASDAQ selling (asks) and ARCA reserve selling a bit higher while showing large bids to combat shorts while showing buying enthusiasim that encourages more buyers. Walk it slow every day. Shorts fear this action. Educate yourselves longs and fear not the shorts. Remember shorts are afraid or they would not spam the message boards with reverse pumping.

    Listed below is the NASDAQ current shares outstanding on common low float stocks to include BOSC... shares outstanding are all the shares that exist period. The float is the portion of the shares outstanding not held by insiders and institutions etc... BOSC's float is only said to be 400K.

    BOSC 1,118,000 shares outstanding

    GTIM 2,726,000 shares outstanding

    CLNT 2,825,000 shares outstanding

    As you can see BOSC is low even in comparison to other low floats that frequently breakout. This is one reason stronger hands are loading BOSC shares now. (because it moves easy)

    In comparison regularly traded stocks with higher volume have these shares outstanding (only funds can move these):

    GOOG 264,957,000 shares outstanding

    ACAD 56,957,000 shares outstanding

    MSFT 8,416,462,000 shares outstanding

    When traders want to move the BOSC share price up all they do is over-cut the thin asking price with large bids getting partial fills while selling in a hidden pool what already filled, the remaining showing bid is still making the price move higher as the hidden sells occur. These are facts strong handed traders know. This is why they will return to BOSC they can move it and be at instant profit. The market makers will do this themselves if other traders don't.

    Don't let the negative posting worry you, that's just from those who want to get your shares before the traders come back. Also strong handed traders have been buying BOSC for days now it takes time to get your shares away from you.

    With a great earnings coming and a Regaining of NASDAQ compliance all while using increased bottom line to pay down debt traders will be all over BOSC once it starts running again and it will. The reason BOSC will breakout is the same as before after the reverse split. Because BOSC now has little downside and a large upside with low float. The reverse split gave investors the gift of a low float that causes buyers who know what was just posted to be true.

    Obviously BOSC is doing well or they would not be paying down the debt as easily as they have.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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