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  • newinvestor006 newinvestor006 Jul 24, 2006 3:04 PM Flag

    good place to work?

    Does anyone on this board know if ECL is a good place to work?

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    • I just retired from Ecolab with 40 years. During that time I had 10 different positions. Must be a good place to work.Ecolab contributes to your 401k, contributes to stock purchase,gives a pension, health benefits, vacations. I had to respond because I get tired of the bashings from too many people on how bad Ecolab is. When you are a new hire, Ecolab gives you all the tools needed to be successful. It is like being in business for yourself with no investment. The only thing missing is your individual effort. Are there times of stress and frustration....hell yes. I thought of leaving many times, but then I would analyze how my family and I would benefit from leaving. Ecolab isn't for everyone, but neither are teachers, doctors, lawyers, retail, healthcare, finance, construction, etc. Don't bash a company because you were not successful working there. The question is "Is Ecolab a good place to work?" Yes it is, but it is up to you to make it happen! Sounds like life in General.

    • If you get in with the good old boy network you will be fine ! Just do not ask ?s your boss does not know the answer to in front of a crowd at national planning day !

    • I am just curious, why do you want to know??

    • If I had my interview on Thursday of this past week, when it is appropriate, without seeming desperate to contact the manager who I met with?


    • Do woodchucks chuck wood?

    • How long is the interview process? I just had my initial phone interview, I believe it went well, does anyone know how long it takes to hear back?

    • mike.p.kelly Sep 17, 2010 4:44 AM Flag

      No Way baby

    • Congratulations on your promotion. What are some of the ideas you would like to see Ecolab initiate?

    • Coolguy who is blowing off some steam!! First off, I haven't been on this site for awhile, but am very impressed that you replied to a post of mine from 2007!!! Just by chance I decided to check out the ol' message boards.

      Coolguy it is like this, I am no longer a TM for Ecolab. I decided it was time to move on. I wanted more control of "my business." So two promotions later I am now a DM. Everything I have ever said here was true. And I did have over a hundred accounts, and I worked far more than 76 hour weeks when I needed to. But that was not the norm. As a DM I see many TM work styles. Those that are organized and competent and work smart have a much easier time than those that do not. Just as in any company in America, nobody agrees with everything their company does. Instead of getting on public message boards to whine and complain, I chose to start moving up in the ranks to start influencing decisions in ways I think best for the associates and the company.
      Coolguy, don't be part of the problem, be part of the solution!! Wish you the best.

    • IF you were able to do what you say you did then it's because you have a little hole in the wall route! Do you have 100+ account's..Prooooooobably NOT!! Have you had to work a 76 hour week? Proooooobably NOT.. Well I do and I have!!! If you run a farm, play with your kids and spend time your wife and do othe activities then you have a Milk that can basically run itself! I do work for Ecolab and I'm here to tell you that this company doesn't give a s%#! about us!

      They say "This is your business" BUT they tie your hands so that you CAN'T run it like it's "Your business", they Tell you what you should be doing and when you should be doing it. IF it was my business I would be making A LOT more $$$ than I am right now, especially for the hours I'm working. IF it was my business and I had a customer complain about pricing because a competitor offered something Very comperable but at a much lower price, then I would do what I had to do to keep the business..BUT Eclob decides that for me, so If I loose that account because of competitor pricing, I HURT way more than the company does!!! I bought that account but it's up to Eclob to decide if they want to keep it. Wait, Isn't This is my business? Also, don't say "well, if the customer was happy with you, then they would stay" BS!! Because my customer LOVES me, but bottom line...competitor is offering the SAME thing for much less!!

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