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  • munda51 munda51 Aug 21, 2008 12:24 PM Flag

    Here comes Finishline Slide

    I am not short in FINL. But I am amazed by the news that the company with stock gone up five times ($2 to $10) and company has decided to buyback 5 million shares.

    Why are insiders selling if management is using shareholders' money to buyback?

    Soon we will know if institutions have also lightened their positions in FINL. I think selling has already started.

    I would be careful not buing FINL when others are getting out. I would rather wait for next quarters numbers before making any decision.

    I would appreciate serious and thoughtful comments no matter if you agree with me or not. Thanks.

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    • You make a baseless statement and want intelligent discussion?

      Fact: FINL dropped due to the poorly timed and ill-advised buyout attempt of GCO. The markets responded with a drubbing of the share price to under $2.

      Fact: The bailout from the deal cut FINL's losses on the transaction and they have uprighted the ship and are still doing as well or better than prior to the deal.

      Fact: Seeing as the two previous facts are facts, one can factually derive the fact that the price will return to where it was or higher based on the company staying the same or improving their results.

      Fact: Last quarter's results were better than expected, with a reinstatment of the dividend announced. The fact that this fact is factual in fact, allows one to poke holes in most of your baseless analysis of the stock tanking because AC and company are cashing in on shares already accounted for in the open market.

      Fact: If I paid you in shares of the company for which you worked, you would have to sell some of those shares to get paid. Big Deal!

      Fact: Your grammatical skills and sentence construction indicate that you are either a product of the NEA (personally my next biggest favorite Union after the SEIU and the AFL-CIO) or just plain unintelligent.

      Now the monks and I understand these facts, and just like Usain, we will see the FINL in 19.30 (or close to it). Get out of the way, or get run over. If you knew how to base, like Jr., then you would get the big picture.

      A hanging chad............

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