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  • ordnas47 ordnas47 Sep 17, 2010 12:06 PM Flag

    I just blame myself for buying this stock...!

    No emails,no broker phone call,no tip,just my due diligence.
    No complain at all,I bet and I lost a lot of money.
    Sometime it's like a drug addiction to the biggest casino in the world .
    Still hoping,but not desperate if the story goes belly up...


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    • learn and move on look at the ARNA disaster and VVUS disaster people got wacked out and its just a blood bath on those boards. It happens, learn from what happened and move on. BNVI will never recover on their own and needs a partner which seems to be elusive. GL

    • OMG!!!!! and how much money have they LOST investors that could have sent their children to private school, what a jerk, so glad i sold EVERY SHARE!!!!!!

    • It's amazing we expect so much objectivity from Isaac, but from ourselves...

    • He said it! Worse than that, he said it in front of 50 people that are invested in his company and very disappointed with him. Many people were expressing there concern about his pay, suggesting that maybe it would be a good idea to take a paycut until the pps goes up. And the CEO of the company were all investing in responds with "my kids private schools are expensive and I have to take care of my mom". Like none of us have responsibilities like that, thats life. I dont expect my clients or investors to pay me extra because of the way I choose to live my life. He needs to man up and step aside, let someone with some business smarts step in and get this stock where it should be.

    • I'm still long. The drug will make it to the market. BNVI has great science, just not sure of the business development side. Time for Tom to get to work!

      I offset my loss with a big block of AVII (love the symbol)......

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      • Sold out of the last of my position today. This stock was the biggest mistake I have made in my investing/trading life. Chart does not look good, and sitting around waiting for an announcement so everyone can sell quickly is not working. It seems to me given the evidence that the drug will eventually make it to market. In the mean time you may have lost a lot of money, plus the opportunity cost of investing in something else. Penny stocks are a gamble, and I as everyone else in this thread lost big! No more penny stocks for me, and no more stocks that sit and wait for an announcement. Never goes well. Good luck.

      • oh i am sure you offset with a BIG BLOCK of
        avii ..SURRRRRRRRREEEEEE...

        i guess with your profits here??
        We know how many you had

        oh howabout CYCC ...profits there??

        AVI you are a JOKE.....your Kool aid drinkers
        got the hose ..but you are taking it pretty
        well ..being down i would estimate 50-75K

    • The opportunity costs are too high when other stocks are going up, so its time to move on. The chart is dismal and the volume is too high for the price to change direction any time soon. I am out. I wish everybody luck,

    • The risk to your investment has been reduced with the approval of CMC and Phase III trial design shortly. The business development is what becomes the next big "mountain" to climb. I'm young, time is on my side.....I

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