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  • arkanpetra33 arkanpetra33 Nov 8, 2012 7:14 PM Flag

    For the longs sell before there is nothing left!!!!

    I sold 700k shares for pretty much nothing after i spoke with dr wulf utian who told me that the company could not find any one to fund phase 3 and right now they are dismantled the factory and he thinks the product will disappear!!! so my advice to all longs cash what ever you have left because by next week this stock will be .0001 !!!!! jmho

    Isaac and mary made over $7m each of our hard earned moeny, and they played a good lie for 5 years to start scam,there is no way i can understand why they filed chapter 7 when menerba made it almost to market and there is no big pharma is willing to fund the final phase and add a drug that worth billions to there pipe line!!! somthing does not smell right here.... i filed a complaint with the sec and told them about the scam that isaac used about getting a partner and told them about the money he got from the sale of the equipment back in june that he didnt disclose with shareholders and until now we dont know where the moeny went!!!!

    Pleas if u are a share holder go to the website and file a complaint at least lets see this mother fff enjoy our money behind bars....jmho

    p.s if you listen to the cc from the past isaac once said that they are getting so close to get a partner before the start of phase 3 and some one told me they got a partner offer last year and isaac rejected it because it was not a good offer!!!! fffff you isaac because any offer is better than chapter 7 you mother ffffffff.....scammmmmmmmm jmho

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    • Well, I have posted many times that Meyers Associates LP at 45 Broadway NYNY know something about this they may not want to disclose the information. Many companies go to Meyers for help and if they think they are sound they promote them. I think that Issac has received more than one offer and is rejecting them because they want Menerba.

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