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  • arkanpetra33 arkanpetra33 Nov 13, 2012 1:34 PM Flag

    The sec started the investigations!!!!! file compalins fast with the sec!!!!1

    I got an email back from the sec telling me that they are investigationg isaac and bionovo because of sevral complains from shareholders including me!!!!

    I know i lost every penny i invested in this scam company and at this point i want to see isaac and mary behind bars!!!! this is why i think this comapny is scam...

    1 Isaac and mary making $1.3m a year working for bionovo which was funded by shareholders money and i think thats way too much money for just a ceo of a small company with no revenue!!!!

    2 Since 2007 and isaac was talking about partnering with big pharma and nothing happened!!! if the drug works and it is in phase 3 and has billions of $$ market how come big pharma didnt want the drug!!!! my guess isaac was using the lie partner to suck as many stupied people like me to give him there life saving so he can keep going with his lie !!!!!!

    3 He sold the equipment back in june and until now no one knows how much money they got from the sale of the equipment and where the money went!!! his bank account in israil....

    4 Menerba made it to phase 3 and he raised $40m since 2011 and that money was raised to advance menerba to phase 3 and infact the money went some were els!!!

    This pos company is scam, isaac lied to us and over paid him self and mary and the cowerd wont even man up and tell shareholders what happened for him to file chapter 7 and he wont reply to emails either,so i really want to see this mother fffff behind bars... so if you lost money in bionovo go to the website and file a complain the more people complain the best for all of us and lets not let this mf enjoy our money ....jmho

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