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  • investorgold2002 investorgold2002 Jun 17, 2003 6:58 PM Flag

    HLSH Numbers - Disappointing

    for 9 months ending sept 2002, the numbers look pretty impressive.

    235 (157*1.5 ) actual earnings before minority
    236 dep amor
    158 int exp
    -4 int inc
    for 9 months - EBIDTA: 625 MILL

    for 12 months - EBIDTA: 625*1.3 = 831.25 MIL

    oBviously these numbers are based on annualization of shorter period numbers. but if they are close to these numbers they may have a chance.

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    • I think the sales of all the airplanes and other misc assets they had also can help cut into the debt amount outstanding to lower that debt/ebitda ratio. They might even sell a couple of the more unproductive facilities to cut into the debt. I think the fraud will have to be a lot more than what the SEC complaint said for them to file for BK.