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  • breezeyeasy breezeyeasy Nov 21, 2011 1:30 PM Flag

    Paid short bashers your bosses lie

    Are being uncovered. You prove your paid bashers by still telling obvious lies. Anyone that can read a financial statement knows your lies

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    • Your right I just put the paid basher on ignore. I hate lies and they are paid to do that type of stuff.

    • everyone might lie, but the price action doesn't.

      Jan 2011 JEF trading at $26

      Today trading below $10. 2.5 year lows.

      if you still can't see who is lying, then you must be from the same cave this moron is living in.

    • Breezy, put this guy on ignore. You are demeaning yourself by responding to him.

      I know, you have the best of intentions but he successfully sucked you in to a 'no win' game.

      Remember... the innocent by-stander cannot tell the difference between a genius and an idiot, in an argument.

    • Read my post I stated every time it could hit 52 week low again. I start buying at 10.80. I averaged into JEF just like my posts say. Your lie is exposed again. It will return to 15s and beyond in time. This is more of a long term hold than a day trade as I have states many times.

      You lie so bad. My facts can be verified and your lie can also.

    • simple facts!

      two weeks ago, JEF was trading at $12.50. I said short it, it will go lower. (regardless what words I used)

      you said buy it because its going to move higher.

      Today, $10. you are dead wrong. but yet to admit it and apologized to those who listen to you and lost money.

      get it moron. bye. you are a unbelievable retard!

    • Your words are not convincing anyone. They are worthless and your boss will most likely pull you off this stock to give you a chance to redeem yourself at another site.

    • you really are stupid, you believe everything JEF put on the paper? if they are so secure, then JEF didn't have to write a letter today to tell everyone they are doing ok, Lehman did the same thing before they go BK

      Also MF came out to say they were good, everythign is fine, weeks later, they are BK, and now they couldn't find $600 million of its client's money. I am sure all those clients, investors were reading the "good" numbers also, right before they lose everything. lol

      My choice of words might be harsh, but they help preventing people losing more money by staying away from this stock. As of all of the kind words you used in the last couple weeks, you had made tons of people lose more money because your stupid pumps. get it you loser! you should be in jail for that.

    • You speak childish insults because you have no reason to speak at all. I like many read the financials, looked at the risk, and calculated lowest price of should be. It's a buy a strong one and people that do their own research buy what they l is under priced. Lies are slowly proven to be lies. Two buddies are taking very nice positions today in JEF. They read did DD and they like JEF also.

    • you should be very happy right now, you'd been waiting for JEF to tank so you can buy $500,000 more, your time is almost here, few more days it will hit $7 and you can buy more share! I don't understand why you are so angry at the bashers, they are working for you and prob. paid by you, right?

      unless you are full of crap about waiting for it to tank below $9 so you can by 500,000 more shares. are you? lol too funny.