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  • citamar citamar Sep 22, 2012 9:33 AM Flag

    Greed Is Alive and Well

    This guys have no shame. After all that's been said about the rich in this country, these guys rob the company and shareholders with their greed. Incredible.

    Buffet always said it's reprehensible when management prospers while shareholders suffer. These guys must think JEF is their personal piggy band. Outrageous greed.

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    • How did the guys at LUK allow this to happen?

    • completely agree...the company boards are suppose to watch over things for the share holders but there's the old buddy system (back patting) I'll do good for you, you do good things for me ..all greedy
      proof that this system does not work at all..we could be called peons in this system..when those shares are out there and have voting rights hard for us to over come their stategy maybe ..

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      • I mean, do these guys see our economy and the way people are suffering and they grant themselves pay packages like that. They are out of touch. I used to like this stock, but now have to re-evaluate.

        Do they have a conscience? When the have nots start rioting in the streets, they are the first people they will go after. Don't laugh. It's happening in many countries. INCREDIBLE!