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  • peristentone peristentone Jul 29, 2011 11:42 AM Flag

    Questions on Financials

    1) I'm trying to look at last 10 quarters of YLO financials on Morningstar, but I am seeing some inconsistency versus the Q12011 press release. Yellow's release indicates that 3/2010 quarter had sales of $339.7M but Morningstar is showing Revenues of $408.1M. Any idea why the difference? This is an important point because on the surface the Q1 2011 report shows a dramatic decline in revenues. If you believe the Morningstar financials, this drop in revenues looks anomalous. If you believe the Yellow press release, the Q1 quarter just looks like a weak quarter for them, and historically they do drop off revenue dramatically in that quarter. Which is it?

    2) Where are they showing the dividend on their cash flow? If there were no DRIP, I would expect the dividend at 65 cents per share to take up something like $325M per year, or $81M per quarter. Under "Dividend Paid" I see a similar number for Q1 2011 but all of the prior quarters on Morningstar show dividends in the $5M to $25M range each quarter for prior quarters. Is Morningstar just mangling data, or are they showing the dividend another way?

    3) For quarters prior to Q1 2011, Morningstar is showing debt issued far in excess of debt repaid on the cash flow. The balance sheet shows no growth in long term debt, but there is a growth in "Other Long Term Liabilities". What liabilities are these?

    Did Yellow increase debt levels during last five quarters each quarter except for Q1 2011? They have plenty of free cash flow with which to pay a dividend. I don't see why they would need to increase debt?

    Can someone point me to a web site that would give me 10 quarters of correct data (preferably downloadable to Excel) for Yellow's financials? I get the feeling Morningstar isn't giving a correct view.

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