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  • peristentone peristentone Jul 29, 2011 11:33 PM Flag

    Questions on Financials

    Should have read: "If you rely on the incorrect numbers in the Q1 2011 filing you are likely to believe that Yellows revenues have not fallen much versus Q1 2010 a year ago. If you look at the real original reported numbers from Q1 2010, the Q1 2011 income statement shows a very substantial shrinkage of revenues."

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    • You are so stupid! The higher number includes the revenue from trade group.

      If you wants to compare with 2010, you must adjust these numbers (delete the influence from trade group)

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      • They had not closed the sale for Trader at the time of that release, so looking at financials without reading the full text of the release there was no reason to believe they would restate prior quarters.

        Now that I read the text of the release and not just the financials, yes I see they did restate current and prior quarters by taking out Trader. It's very unusual for a company to restate like that prior to actually closing the sale of the asset.